Vendor Contacts with Employees

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Demonstration guidelines
The following guidelines apply to vendor demonstrations on campus:
  • CPCC will not accept any responsibility for the care and security of any equipment demonstrated by vendors.
  • CPCC will not incur any expenses due to a product demonstration.
  • Demonstrations may be held in the Procurement Department or at any other convenient location.
  • CPCC is under no obligation to purchase following any type of demonstration.
  • Normal purchase regulations would apply to all requests.
Contact guidelines
Under no circumstances do College faculty or staff have authority to make indication of an intent to purchase.
  • Faculty and staff should limit their contacts with vendors to obtaining information and prices, or further as Buyers may advise.
  • These contacts should only be made as a matter of information or technical support to a request to purchase.
    NOTE: Solicitation of bids and quotations is the responsibility of Procurement Department. Any individual contact with a vendor to determine a price, made by other staff or faculty, cannot be held as indication of intention to purchase.
Upon request, Procurement Department will order catalogs for faculty and staff and its library. Catalogs are for reference only, and the Procurement Department may buy requested goods from a vendor other than the one suggested by the requisitioner. Please furnish any information available to assure that the Procurement Department can determine the exact item desired.
Resolving issues with vendors
Informal contact with vendors to resolve minor problems in shipment, pricing, or other customer service issues may be handled directly by the end user, or your Buyer, as desired. For disputes concerning contract and bid awards, bid or quotation pricing or terms and conditions errors, please contact your Buyer for handling. Please call the Procurement Department if you have concerns that require information or further assistance.