Typical Purchasing Process Timetable

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Individuals submitting a requisition should allow 10 days to process as long as no posting, quotes, or bids are involved.

Expediting process
Vendors are asked to acknowledge receipt of the purchase order and to indicate an expected shipping date. Special requests or circumstances may require expediting as necessary.

Process timetable
The following is a typical purchase order process schedule:
1. Requisition is input into the E-Procurement system. Budget check takes place.
If sufficient funds are available and all required information is obtained, Buyer transfers requisition into bid encumbrance or purchase order, as required. Status is noted if further action is to be taken.
2. PO's are fully processed. Bids are posted to the State of NC Interactive Purchase and Contract website. Procurement orders are sent electronically through the E-Procurement system.
3. Vendor fills and ships order
4. CPCC Shipping and Receiving Department receives purchase order shipment, checks for errors and damage.

Order is delivered to the requested location on campus.

Shipping & Receiving departmental personnel will input receiving information into the computer system.
NOTE: Order processing may be delayed, if Buyers are unable to contact requisitioner or vendor to obtain necessary information, or obtain available funds. Please contact your Buyer  if concerned about extensive delay (past 10 days) in processing.