Requisition and Procurement Regulations

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The College's purchase order system is under the supervision of the Director of Procurement.The system provides for the orderly and cost effective acquisition of the products and services needed to support the College and its mission.


The College's purchase order system is in compliance with state law and administrative code governing the conduct of state agencies expending state funds.


A requisition is a departmental or office unit's request for goods or service from a provider of products and services (a vendor). It is prepared by department personnel and into E-Procurement or Colleague as applicable. A requisition does not encumber funds.

A purchase order is a document issued by a buyer in the Procurement Department to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Sending a purchase order constitutes a legal offer to buy products or services. Acceptance by the seller forms a contract between the buyer and seller.
A procurement card (P-Card ) is a VISA credit card issued by a financial institution contracted by the State of North Carolina to provide an alternate means of payment for goods and services, according to established guidelines. It does not require approval, on-line entries, or available funds encumbrance; monthly billing statements show all charges which are to be reconciled by the cardholder. Allows emergency purchases and can replace some types of check requests and petty cash.
NOTE:  P-Card cannot be used for travel related expenses, including but not limited to airfare, hotel payments, meals, parking, rental cars, cash, alcohol, etc. See P-Card Manual or cont P-card Administrator if you have any questions prior to travel.
A check request is a request for a check to be issued without going through the purchase order process. Please Note: With the implementation of E-Procurement, invoices for external vendors can no longer be paid by check requests.

Currently, only the below transactions can be processed through Accounts Payable on a check
Petty Cash
Employee Reimbursements
Fund Transfers (vendors that begin with CPCC. For example CPCC State)
Conference Registrations
: See Accounts Payable web site.

All requests to purchase goods and services from vendors must be submitted directly to the Procurement Department using the on-line Requisition screens, or by use of the purchasing card.
EXCEPTIONS: Travel requests are prepared by the originator/manager and forwarded directly to the Accounts Payable office.

Grant funds
Any expenditures made from a grant fund must be approved by the project director or other such authorized agent, who must furnish to the Procurement Department, in advance of any Procurement activity, a complete copy of the grant and  any grant restrictions that would affect purchases made from the funds.
Where to send documents
  • Check requests should be sent directly to the Accounts Payable for processing.
  • Travel requests should be sent directly to Accounts Payable.
  • Procurement Card recap Form FS-25 should be sent directly to Accounts Payable.

Budget limitations
If sufficient funds are available, the Procurement Department will encumber and process the order. If funds are not available, the requisition will be held in the system until funds are transferred.
Conflict of interest
The College is not allowed to purchase goods or services from employees or immediate family members of any employee.  Refer to State Purchase and Contract manual for details.
Purchases for personal use prohibited
The Procurement Department is prohibited by the State of North Carolina and College regulations from issuing purchase orders for an employee's benefit. All purchase orders issued must be for goods  and services to be consumed in instructional/administrative use only.
Personal items
The following is a list of items which cannot be purchased using state funds (Account numbers beginning with a '1'):
  • greeting cards or the postage to mail them
  • personal membership dues for individuals
  • refreshments (coffee, donuts, drinks, cream, sugar, stirrers, cups, bottled water, coffee service, mints (candy), etc.)
  • Christmas or other seasonal decorations
  • pictures or wall hangings
  • other room or office decorations, plants/flowers (real or artificial), lamps
  • personal appliances - radios - televisions - coffee makers - microwave - refrigerators (except for instructional programs which must be approve, in advance, by Procurement)

Purchase of Used Goods and Equipment
When a department wishes to buy used goods or equipment, the request must be justified on the purchase requisition and submitted to the Buyers for approval. Warranty must be in effect and clearly specified.  Used goods or equipment purchases are subject to bid guidelines when necessary.  Used equipment may be sold "subject to prior sale" and must be specified as such by the vendor.
Demonstrator goods or equipment
Companies may allow a special discount price for demonstrator goods or equipment which still maintains a new warranty status. This offer may be accepted if all other purchasing terms are met, but also must be considered in competition with vendors furnishing the same new or demo equipment. "New warranty" conditions must always apply.