Purchase Order Changes

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When a purchase order is accepted by a vendor in response to the College's request and all terms and conditions are met by both parties, only Procurement Department personnel may make changes to the purchase order.
Requesting a change
A department may request changes be made to an existing purchase order, and if the changes are reasonable and acceptable to both the vendor and the Buyer, they will be made.
Vendor changes
Vendors may also request changes due to
  • manufacturer substitutions
  • packaging quantities
  • contract changes which are approved by the N.C. Division of Purchase and Contract
  • discontinued products, etc.
NOTE: These changes require prior approval by the Procurement Department.

Documenting vendor changes
After receiving oral or written authorization, the Buyer will change the order on-line as requested. The change order is mailed to the vendor only if the vendor requests a copy.
NOTE: The Department of Community Colleges requires copies of changed orders on equipment purchases.

Resolving discrepancies
The following table shows the criteria used to resolve discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices:
If the variance is... then... NOTE
less than 10% or $50 (whichever is greater) Accounts Payable pays the invoice amount This does not apply to state contract or bid items which have zero variance
greater than 10% or $50 Accounts Payable will notify the Buyer and the Buyer will resolve discrepancy The Buyer may initiate a change order authorizing payment
an increase in quantities shipped over quantities requested Procurement Department must approve and initiate change orders  

Restocking fees
When an error has been made by College personnel, or for any other reason the College is unable to accept merchandise and issue payment as agreed, a restocking charge set by the vendor may be incurred; departmental funds which allowed the original purchase will be charged accordingly if considered reasonable by the Buyer. Return freight may also be considered reasonable.