Important Object Code Info


Equipment Object Code Guidelines

$1 - $499.99 per item         Must use a supply object code  
                                           *(for p-card or purchase order)

$500 - $999.99 per item     Can use either a supply or minor equipment object code #551000

                                            *depends on available funds and desire to use either by

                                            account manager.

                                            *Example: If item such as $800 printer is bought,

                                            supply money can be used in this category if no equipment

                                            funds are available (for p-card or purchase order).

                                            If no supply funds are available and

                                            must use equipment funds, then if printer meets equipment

                                            criteria (cost + life), then it is OK for purchase order only.              

$1,000.00 – up per item      Should use equipment object code, if item qualifies as equipment

                                            (cost + 2 yr. life expectancy; not expendendable)

                                            *for purchase order only

NOTE:  No equipment using #551000 or any other “55” equipment object code can

             be placed on a P-card order.  These items must be placed on a purchase

             order, whether minor or major equipment.