1.6 Making a P-Card Purchase

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  • Procurement procedures permit a single purchase of goods or services if their total value is $2,500 or less, to be made from a "vendor of choice." In accordance with new State guidelines, the Iran Divestment Act Certification is required for transactions over $1,000. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY GOODS PURCHASE THAT IS OVER $1000.00 PER ITEM MAY BE CONSIDERED EQUIPMENT AND MUST ABIDE BY Equipment Purchase Guidelines.  This implies the possibility of not comparing sources or competition between vendors. However, it is CPCC and the State of North Carolina's policies to seek competition and the lowest prices within the parameters of quality and delivery whenever feasible.
  • The cardholder will check as many sources of supply as reasonable to the situation to assure best price and delivery.
Cardholder will utilize the following "checklist" when making a purchase:
  • Check with a Buyer to determine if goods and or services to be purchased have established pricing contracts, pricing agreements or preferred suppliers.
  • Check the state term contracts to see if vendors and prices have already been established or recommended.
  • It is CPCC policy to solicit minority vendors whenever feasible. Check the State of North Carolina web site to view their MWBE/HUB minority vendor directory.  The Procurement Department updates the Colleague vendor file on a regular basis with vendor minority status information.
  • After checking A through C and no recommendations are given, solicit at least three different sources.
  • If vendors furnish standing price quotations or catalog prices on a recurring basis, check that the price listed is current.
  • Faxed quotes should be retained in the event of a pricing error or vendor dispute.
Once a vendor is designated and that vendor confirms the goods or services are available, meets the specifications, delivery requirements, etc.
  • Confirm that the vendor agrees to accept the Visa P-Card.  Cardholders are encouraged to notify the Buyer when they use VISA vendors.  This information will be used to update files the entire CPCC community can access.
  • Direct the vendor to include the following information on their shipping and packing label:
  • Cardholder's name and telephone number
  • The words "VISA Credit Card Purchase"
  • Merchandise can be shipped to cardholders home. The College ship to address is:  CPCC Shipping & Receiving, 1325 East 7th Street, Charlotte NC 28204
  • Area Campuses: In some incidences it is preferred to ship merchandise directly to an area campus.  If you need correct shipping addresses or are in doubt as to the appropriateness of directly shipping to an area campus, please check with your Buyer before making shipping arrangements.

Note: It is extremely important that all P- Card purchases be sent to the cardholder ordering the merchandise. If the cardholder does not receive merchandise personally then the cardholder is responsible for advising the individual who may receive merchandise of the vendor's name, order number, anticipated delivery date, number of boxes expected, carrier (truck, UPS, Federal Express, etc.) and any other relevant information.
The receiving individual should notify the cardholder when delivery is made. This procedure will ensure that the necessary information and documents for record keeping are readily available to the cardholder. Cardholders should keep a copy of receiving documents in their files.