1.7 Equipment Purchase Guidelines




No equipment items may be purchased using the P-card under any circumstances, whether using major or minor equipment funds. No computers, desktop or portable, may be purchased on the P-card.  Requisitions for the  purchase of all data processing hardware or operating software must be entered in the on-line requisition system using E-Procurement. Prior approval of hardware, software, services, or peripherals must be obtained from Information Technology to assure compatibility with existing systems. Once a selection is made and approved, it must first be determined if the item is on state contract. Catalog descriptions and/or specifications submitted to the Procurement Department will expedite approval and processing. The end user will be contacted if furnishing incomplete information.

  • Equipment items are defined as (1) having a cost of $1,000.00 or more (per item) including sales tax and any installation and /or freight charges and ***REMINDER*** THIS "PER ITEM" COST INCLUDES SALES AND/OR USE TAX, FREIGHT, DISCOUNTS, AND ANY OTHER FACTORS IN THE TOTAL COST; PER ITEM (NOT TOTAL OF PURCHASE ORDER OR P-CARD CHARGE) (2) having a life expectancy of two or more years (if in doubt, contact your Buyer).
  • Only initial operational software that normally comes with a computer or computer equipment may be purchased with equipment funds. Additional application software cannot be purchased with equipment funds and supply account funds must be used (if in doubt, contact your Buyer).

Note:  This type of merchandise is not tracked using CPCC inventory procedures and in the event of loss or theft the cardholder is responsible for assisting in the recovery or insurance process. 

$1.00 - $499.99 per item

Must use a supply object code (for P-Card or purchase order)

$500.00 - $999.99 per item    
Can use either a supply or minor equipment object code #551000
Depends on available funds and desire to use either by account manager. 
*Example: If item such as $800 printer is bought, supply money can be used in this category if no equipment funds are available (for P-Card or purchase order).
If no supply funds are available and must use equipment funds, then if printer meets equipment criteria (cost + life), then it is OK for purchase order only. 
$1,000.00 – up per item
Should use equipment object code, if item qualifies as equipment (cost + 2 yr. life expectancy; not expendable). For purchase order only

NOTE:  No equipment using #551000 or any other “55” equipment object code can be placed on a P-card order.  These items must be placed on a purchase order, whether minor or major equipment.