1.5 Unauthorized P-Card Use

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The P-Card will not be used for the following:
  • Personal purchases or official identification (even if deemed accidental).
  • A single purchase transaction that exceeds two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00).  CPCC's Procurement Office may apply to the State Procurement Office for higher limits on specific types of transactions, with justification required.
  • Meals while in travel status, travel or hotel expense. Note: The Corporate AMEX (American Express Travel Credit Card Program) covers these items. Exception: registration fees for conferences and seminars (may use either AMEX or VISA; however, VISA is encouraged).
  • Cash advances;alcoholic beverages.
  • Equipment items or enhancements to equipment. If in doubt regarding this requirement, contact the P-Card Administrator before making a purchase.
  • High risk items. Refer to the Inventory Control and Equipment Guidelines for specific items, http://www.cpcc.edu/procurement/equipment.
  • Space heaters
  • Notice: A cardholder who makes unauthorized purchases or carelessly uses the P-Card may be liable for the total dollar amount of such unauthorized transaction plus any administrative fees charged by the bank in connection with the misuse. The cardholder may also be subject to disciplinary action according to the CPCC Policies and Procedures Manual.