1.4 General P-Card Usage Guidelines

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  • Effective October 17, 2013 College P-cards can no longer be used to purchase I-Pads or other tablets.  All I-Pad and other tablet purchases must be made via requisition thru the NC E-Procurement system.  Object code 555200 must be used on the requisition for I-Pad and other tablet purchases.
  • All P-card purchases outside the continental U.S. for goods or services will be charged an "International Transaction Fee" which is 1% of the US dollar amount.
  • The P-card that the cardholder receives has his/her name or department name embossed on the front of the card and should only be used by the assigned cardholder, unless prior approval from the cardholder is received.
  • As of July 1, 2007, you can no longer use state funds to purchase “GIVE-AWAY” ITEMS. These items must be purchased out of a non-state budget. Pens, mugs, flash-drives, portfolios, ipods, etc., cannot be purchased with state funds.  As of October 17, 2008 (* memo from Kennon Briggs, NCCCS) THE ONLY FUNDS THAT CAN BE USED FOR THESE PURCHASES ARE “SPECIAL EVENT FUNDS”.
  • With the use of special events funds only (not state), the purchase of postage stamps, cards, flowers for illness and death, food, plants, lamps, decorative items, coffee and bottled water services, etc., which are not necessary for the operation of a department's function may be made using the P-Card as method of payment.  Postage stamps are not approved for general purchase; all mail items should be sent through CPCC's Mail Services for handling.
  • No Equipment items may be purchased using the p-card under any circumstances, whether using minor or major equipment funds.
  • No high risk items may be purchased using the p-card.  Refer to the Inventory Control and Equipment Guidelines for specific items, http://www.cpcc.edu/procurement/equipment.
  • Prior ITS approval is required for any software purchases P-card allows.
  • The P-card total transaction limit per Vendor in a single day is $2,500 including sales tax, applicable freight and/or installation charges.  In accordance with new State guidelines, the Iran Divestment Act Certification is required for transactions over $1,000.
  • Payments for a purchase cannot be split into multiple transactions so that previously mentioned limit or State Purchasing Guidelines are voided.
  • No backordering of merchandise is allowed.
  • The cardholder will inform the vendor that the goods are to be taxed at the rate of 7.25% even if the item is sold tax exempt.
  • A CPCC Fuel card is ONLY for the purchases of fuel, services and parts for CPCC vehicles.
  • P-Card cannot be used for CPCC employee's travel expenses (including airfare, hotel, cash advances, alcohol, rental cars, meals, parking, limousine services, train, taxi, buses, ferries, shuttle buses, or any and all other travel related charges).
  • P-card is allowed for business luncheon only when using non-state funds.
  • P-card is allowed for registration for conferences and workshops.
  • P-card is NOT ALLOWED to purchase retail gift cards OR debit cards for CPCC employees. Note: IRS regulations consider gift cards/debit cards to be cash equivalent with a requirement to be added to an employee’s W-2 earnings as table income. The P-card can be used to purchase gift cards/debit cards for students provided that the purchaser makes the statement that the gift card/debit card is not for a CPCC employee.  Special event funds must be used to purchase gift cards/debit cards for students.
  • P-card is not allowed to purchase space heaters.
  • No cash advances, alcoholic beverages or personal purchases are allowed.
  • It is the cardholder's responsibility to routinely check their P-card monthly billing statement for all transactions on their P-card for those transactions that are not valid.  Please contact the P-card Administrator and Bank immediately.
  • P-card Online billing addresses:

P.O. BOX 35009, CHARLOTTE NC 28235


1230 Charlottetowne Ave., Charlotte NC 28204

Printing orders must have the approval of both CPCC Marketing and Community Relations and Campus Printing before outside vendors are contacted.

Faxed budget quotes are acceptable for your records.

NOTE: If the P-card is lost or stolen, you must notify the P-card Administrator at 704.330.6091 and Bank of America at 1.888-449-2273 immediately.