1.2 Abbreviations/Definitions Used in This Manual

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  • MWBE: Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.
  • CCPS: Credit Card Purchasing System
  • Vendor: A company from which a cardholder is making a P-Card transaction for goods or services under the provisions of this manual.
  • Cardholder: CPCC faculty and staff who have been issued a P-Card and who are authorized to make purchases in accordance with established procurement guidelines and procedures.
  • Supervisor/Account Manager: This individual will review and approve cardholders' monthly account statement.
  • CPCC P-Card Administrator: The person responsible for all P-Card program details, including cardholder inquiries. 
  • Account Statement: This is the monthly listing of all transactions by the cardholder, issued by Bank of America directly to the cardholder, which must be reconciled monthly with collected receipts.
  • Single Purchase Limit: A dollar amount limitation of purchasing authority delegated to a cardholder. 
  • Requisitioner: A CPCC employee who has a need for goods or services that can only be fulfilled by a vendor. Under this CPCC Procedure, a requisitioner may or may not be a cardholder.