1.10 Cardholder Separation from CPCC

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  • Prior to separation from CPCC, the cardholder will surrender the P-Card and current files to his/her supervisor and contact the CPCC P-Card Administrator in writing (email is preferred). 
  • Upon receipt of the P-Card and files from the cardholder, the supervisor will review, approve and forward to the CPCC Accounts Payable Department the month-end P-Card statement. 
  • The P-Card will be returned to the CPCC P-Card Administrator and it will be destroyed. P-Cards cannot be passed on to other persons. Should another person within the department need a P-Card, the account manager should notify the CPCC P-Card Administrator to make arrangements for a new P-Card to be issued.
  • In the event an employee is on a leave of ten days or more, the College reserves the right to deactivate or cancel all P-card privileges. Employees must notify the CPCC P-card administrator when their leave or employment status changes. Leave status changes include military deployment, a leave of absence, Family Medical Leave (FMLA), and others.