1.8 Handling P-Card Returns/Disputes

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  • If an item is not satisfactory, received incorrectly, damaged and or defective, duplicate order, etc., the cardholder should contact the vendor to explain the problem and inquire about their return policies.
  • If items purchased via P-Card are found to be unacceptable, the cardholder is responsible to obtain replacement or correction of the item as soon as possible. If the vendor has not replaced or corrected the item by the date the cardholder receives his/her monthly statement, then the purchase of that item will be considered in dispute.
  • If the Cardholder is disputing a charge, he/she must fill out the Bank of America Dispute Form and follow their instructions. 
  • If an item has been returned and a credit voucher received, the cardholder will verify that this credit is reflected on the monthly statement and attach any appropriate vouchers or memos to the FS-25 Form.