Merchandise Returns for Credit

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The person receiving merchandise should determine as soon as possible the acceptability of the products. If the merchandise needs to be returned for any reason, the following guidelines apply.
The person requesting a return of merchandise should contact the Buyer, Shipping and Receiving, or the vendor of a purchasing card transaction, immediately following receipt of an incorrect shipment and give the purchase order number or charge information and full details of the error or defect.
Return process
In most cases, the Procurement Department will request that Shipping and Receiving personnel pick up any goods to be returned; the goods may be held in the Shipping and Receiving Office until picked up by the vendor or shipped via UPS. The requisitioner also may make direct arrangements with vendor if desired. If a change in item or price is in order, you should contact your Buyer to correct the purchasing and shipping files.
The Procurement Department tries to arrange a credit or exchange without the college incurring any freight or restocking charges.

Return and credit
If the return results in an outstanding credit, the account manager may need to complete a new purchase requisition; credit will be held by Accounts Payable until it can be applied. If using the purchasing card, transactions will be handled by the requisitioner and vendor; an outstanding credit will be applied to your card statement.