How to Purchase Computer Equipment and Software

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No equipment items may be purchased using the P-card under any circumstances, whether using major or minor equipment funds. No computers, desktop or portable, may be purchased on the P-card.
Requisitions for the  purchase of all data processing hardware or operating software must be entered in the on-line requisition system using E-Procurement. Prior approval of hardware, software, services, or peripherals must be obtained from Information Technology to assure compatibility with existing systems.
Once a selection is made and approved, it must first be determined if the item is on state contract. Catalog descriptions and/or specifications submitted to the Procurement Department will expedite approval and processing. The end user will be contacted if furnishing incomplete information.


The following are the Department of Community Colleges' definitions of the three classes of software:

Operating software
Fundamental programming that makes a machine a functional computer. This type of software is generally installed and billed as a part of a computer when it is delivered and is usually purchased using equipment money.
Application software
Programming that addresses specific uses such as word processing or financial analysis and is normally purchased using supply money.
Instructional (tutorial) software
Programming that functions as a teaching tool in the same way a film or cassette would and is usually purchased using supply money. (Instructional software is considered to be audiovisual material).

Software purchases

The Department of Community Colleges (DCC) has determined that

  • Operating software can be purchased using equipment funds.
  • Application software must be purchased from supply (current operating) funds.
  • Instructional (tutorial) software can be purchased from either equipment or supply funds.
  • NOTE: Unless specified, the vendor will ship the current version of software.

Special requirements

When ordering computer software, accessories, or hardware to be attached to the existing equipment, it is important to show the make and model of the existing equipment in order to maintain compatibility.

The requisition must also show the State Board of Education ("SB number") identification number of the existing equipment, and the physical location (building, room) for inventory purposes.
Failure to give all the above information will delay processing a request for computer equipment.

Installation help

Computer users should contact Information Technology Services to get help with any hardware or software installation before purchasing.  Please see: or you may contact 5000 Help Desk.

In any case where special wiring, construction, or environmental control is needed, arrangements should be made with or you may contact them at 6000.