How to Prepare a Requisition

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How to Prepare an E-Procurement Requisition:
Job aids and training videos are available on the upgraded EProcurement website, username and password required.  Click the E-Procurement link in the left margin to view E-Procurement quick links to job aids/training videos along with contact information to receive a username and password.
How to Prepare a Colleague (Ellucian) Requisition:

Step by Step Requisition Instructions
1.  Once signed on, open APPS, change to CF
2.  Double click on PU; double click on REQM or type REQM in mnemonics; <ENTER>
3.  “Requisition Lookup or Add” box appears, type A; <ENTER>
4.  Alert Box, “Enter “N”o” Number or will be assigned automatically” appears; <ENTER>
5.  Alert Box, “Number will be assigned automatically upon completion of Req” appears; <ENTER>
6.  If Alert Box “Date falls beyond the current fiscal year, Accept Date (Y/N)” appears; type Y
7.  In Requisition Date, date will default; <ENTER>
8.  In Initiator, type … <ENTER> Make selection, <ENTER>
9.  In Desired Date (optional), type in date, <ENTER>
10.  In Vendor ID, cannot use … (must type in all or part of vendor name); <ENTER> (Resolution Screen REQM-Reqn Maintenance-Lookup Screen appears)
11.   Select vendor (either type item number and <ENTER>, or click on box on left, then SAVE
12.  In Ship to, type … <ENTER> select, <ENTER>
13.  In Ship VIA, type … <ENTER> select, <ENTER>
14.  In FOB, type … <ENTER> select, (default to “A”, Destination/Prepaid); <ENTER>
15.  In BUYER, type last name <ENTER> select, <ENTER>
16.  In AP Type, type …<ENTER> select, <ENTER> This is required in order to add sales tax.  An Alert Box may appear, “WARNING: This AP type is not associated with this vendor; “OK” or <ENTER>
17.  In Printed Comments, click on detail button, type comments, SAVE; UPDATE
18.  In Comments (if needed), click on detail button, type comments, SAVE; UPDATE; Use this field for internal notes only
19.  In Line Items, click on Detail button; RQIL Requisition Item List will appear (a blank list)
20.  Click on Detail button in RQIL line #1; RQIM Requisition Item Maintenance will appear
21.  In Description 1, type as many lines as needed for line item
22.  In Estimated Price, type in price, <ENTER>
23.  In Quantity, type in quantity, <ENTER>
24.  In Unit of Issue, Can type in unit or type … (lookup), <ENTER>
25.  In Tax Codes, type … <ENTER> select; <ENTER>
26.  In G/L Account Number, type account number (no hyphens); <ENTER> or type … (lookup), <ENTER> select, <ENTER>
27.  Tab to Percent, if 100% from this account, G/L Funds Availability appears
28.  Save; Update
29.  You will see a blank screen, for entry of Item 2 (follow steps 22-29 for each successive line item)
30.  If you do not need to enter another line item, click on the single Red X
31.  Alert Box “Cancel record or Return to Editing” appears; click on Cancel
32.  The RQIL Requisition Item List will appear (a summary of items)
33.  You can click on the detail button to go back to the line item description if you need to make an addition, deletion, or other change
35.  You are returned to REQM Requisition Maintenance screen
36.  In Reqn Done, defaults to “No”; when requisition is complete, click on N, type Y, <ENTER>
37.  Alert Box  “UPDATE, CANCEL, or RETURN TO EDITING” appears; click on UPDATE
38. Alert Box  “Requisition Number is Assigned ……” appears; please record the number assigned for reference
39.  Click OK; puts requisition in Outstanding status
40.  A new lookup/add box appears, for entering next requisition

Any required delivery time should be noted on the requisition. It is the department's responsibility to follow up with the vendor to expedite delivery.

Trade-ins and upgrades
Trade-in of equipment is sometimes allowed on purchasing new equipment and should be requested on the requisition, giving the
  • Inventory Control number or state board of education number
  • location
  • model and year of purchase
  • serial number
  • description
of the used equipment to be traded in. When Procurement obtains a bid on the new equipment, any trade-in equipment and discount will be considered by the vendor. it must be approved by the state surplus property office before trading in using State Surplus Trade-In form. Same information is needed for upgrading existing equipment, as inventory records must reflect the change in configuration and cost for insurance and inventory purposes.

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