Emergency and Pressing Need Purchases

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(From NC Department of Purchase & Contract)

  • Emergency Purchases arise out of situations which endanger lives, property or the continuation of a vital program which can be rectified only by immediate, on-the-spot purchases.
  • Pressing Needs Purchases arise out of unforeseen causes including, but not limited to delay in contractors, delay in transportation, breakdown in machinery, or unanticipated volume of work.




Emergency purchases must meet all criteria for routine purchases with regard to

  • state contracts
  • bid guidelines
  • inventory regulations
  • purchasing procedures
  • budget availability
  • purchasing card procedures

The requisition must be justified as an emergency and designated on the requisition or other document used for the request.

NOTE: If using a VISA purchasing card to make an emergency or pressing need purchase, the VISA purchasing card guidelines must be followed.

Emergency and Pressing Needs Process

Procurement Department will:

  • evaluate the emergency status
  • assure that the purchase is valid
  • determine and advise the method of processing
  • obtain a quotation if necessary
  • place the order if necessary
  • follow State Procedures (Section V-5) when processing and Emergency or Pressing Need order


After hours emergencies:

Emergency or Pressing Needs purchases (for example, consumable lab supplies) occurring outside normal business hours must be followed up the next business day to Procurement Department. The individual must complete a requisition, giving justification for the emergency.  If using the VISA purchasing card process, purchasing card guidelines must be followed.

NOTE: A supporting receipt must be attached to the requisition, or kept for reconciliation if using a VISA purchasing card.