Consultants and Temporary Workers

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A consultant is a self-employed person or person representing a company who possesses special expertise and who advises or consults in the area of that expertise for a fee.

Example 1

At the request of a department head, an interior decorator/sales representative for XYZ Interiors proposes to redecorate an office with new carpet, furniture, and paint.

NOTE: The decorator is a consultant and may bill the College for consulting services rendered, especially if the actual decorating is done by someone else.

Example 2

At the request of senior management, a management consultant undertakes a study of personnel classification and makes recommendations.

Example 3

At the request of the Plant Manager to Manager for Facilities Management, a consulting engineer does a feasibility study on the relocation of the computer department .

Hiring consultants

Contact Human Resources first and submit the appropriate forms to ensure that consultants are eligible to be hired as contractors.  In any case, consultant services should be obtained using the purchase order system. Before a consultant is hired, and before any contract(s) are signed the Procurement Department must determine if the following conditions are met:

  • staff or faculty is not able to furnish the services desired
  • funds are available
  • all Procurement rules and regulations will be met in issuing a contract for such services.

Temporary workers

From time to time, College departments and offices find it necessary to hire temporary office workers. For such cases, the College contracts with a temporary personnel company, which supplies the requested help.

Hiring temporaries

Temporary workers are obtained by use of the P-Card or the Purchase order system, and paid for with supply funds.