General Information

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CPCC Procurement is governed and audited by the state of NC Division of Purchase and Contract.  CPCC and vendors of CPCC participate in the statewide purchasing system known as E-Procurement.  Click the E-Procurement link in the left margin for more information.


Methods of Purchase for Goods, Services and Equipment: Contact your Buyer with any questions.

Available on established state term contract: Purchase in accordance with the established state contract terms.  Listing of State Term Contracts

Not available on established state term contract and Total is not over $50,000 (State ITS purchases maintain a $25,000 limit): May be purchased locally by soliciting competitive quotations or bids, or purchase thru local term contracts.

When conditions warrant, local term contracts may be established by Procurement after bid solicitation.

Not available on established state term contract and Total is over $50,000: Bids are solicited by the State of NC Division of Purchase and Contract.

P-card purchases cannot exceed $2,500 per transaction.

Note:  Regardless of dollar amount, P-card cannot be used to purchase equipment, tablets or computers.  Equipment is defined as an item $1,000 or more (including freight, installation or warranties) and having a life expectancy of 2 or more years.

Construction: Under $500,000 purchase locally by competitive bidding.  Over $500,000 must be sent to the State Construction office for approval.

Equipment rental and other contractual services: Purchase locally by soliciting proposals or bids.


Contracts: All contracts/agreements between CPCC and vendors must be reviewed and approved by your Buyer in Procurement and by Vietta Durnin in Risk Management before the contract/agreement is signed.  Procurement will review to ensure compliance with NC terms and conditions.  Risk Management will review to ensure all risks and liabilities are identified and managed.

Due to the volume of contracts/agreements received, please allow 10 business days for review by Risk Management and Procurement.  A coordinated response will be sent to internal managers for submittal and signature by the vendor.  Internal managers will return fully executed contracts/agreements to their Buyer and to Vietta Durnin.

Click to access a contractor agreement form that is supported by CPCC.

Gift Cards/Debit Cards: CPCC departments are not permitted to use College funds to purchase retail gift cards/debit cards to distribute to employees.  IRS regulations consider gift cards/debit cards to be a cash equivalent with a requirement to be added to an employees W-2 earnings as taxable income.


Disposal of Used Goods and Equipment: State law does not allow CPCC to sell goods or equipment to individuals, nor give or donate them to groups or non-profits.  Any proceeds generated from the sale of such items will go into the general equipment fund rather than to the department which bought or used the equipment.  Legal and proper disposal of college equipment must be handled thru CPCC Inventory Control.  Individuals or departments should never sell, give away or discard equipment items.