Instructions for Quotes

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1. READ, REVIEW AND COMPLY: It shall be the offeror’s responsibility to read this entire document, review all enclosures and attachments, and comply with all requirements specified herein.

2. NOTICE TO OFFERORS: All quotes are subject to the provisions of the Instructions for Quotes, special terms and conditions specific to this Request for Quotes, the specifications, and the North Carolina General Contract Terms and Conditions.
CPCC objects to and will not evaluate or consider any additional terms and conditions submitted with a quote.  This applies to any language appearing in or attached to the document as part of the offeror’s response.  DO NOT ATTACH ANY ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
By execution and delivery of this document, the offeror agrees that any additional terms and conditions, whether submitted purposely or inadvertently, shall have no force or effect.


OFFEROR: Company, firm, corporation, partnership, individual, etc., submitting a response to a Request for Quotes.
TERM CONTRACT: A contract generally intended to cover all normal requirements for a commodity for a specified period of time based on estimated quantities only.
STATEWIDE TERM CONTRACT: A Term Contract for all agencies, unless exempted by statute, rule, or special term and condition specific to this quote.
AGENCY SPECIFIC TERM CONTRACT:  A Term Contract for a specific agency.
OPEN MARKET CONTRACT: A contract for the purchase of a commodity not covered by a term contract.

4. EXECUTION: Failure to sign under EXECUTION section will render quote invalid.

5. TIME FOR CONSIDERATION: Unless otherwise indicated on the first page of this document, the offer shall be valid for 45 days from the date of quote opening.  Preference may be given to quotes allowing not less than 45 days for consideration and acceptance.

6. PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: Offerors are urged to compute all discounts into the price offered.  If a prompt payment discount is offered, it will not be considered in the award of the contract except as a factor to aid in resolving cases of identical prices.

7. SPECIFICATIONS: Any deviation from specifications indicated herein must be clearly pointed out; otherwise, it will be considered that items offered are in strict compliance with these specifications, and offeror will be held responsible therefore.  Deviations shall be explained in detail.  The offeror shall not construe this paragraph as inviting deviation or implying that any deviation will be acceptable.

8. ORDER OF PRECEDENCE: In cases of conflict between specific provisions in this quote, the order of precedence shall be (1) special terms and conditions specific to this quote, (2) specifications, (3) North Carolina General Contract Terms and Conditions, and (4) Instructions for Quotes.

9. INFORMATION AND DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE: Offeror is to furnish all information requested and in the spaces provided in this document.  Further, if required elsewhere in this quote, each offeror must submit with their quote sketches, descriptive literature and/or complete specifications covering the products offered.  Reference to literature submitted with a previous offer will not satisfy this provision.  Quotes which do not comply with these requirements will be subject to rejection.

10. RECYCLING AND SOURCE REDUCTION: It is the policy of this State to encourage and promote the purchase of products with recycled content to the extent economically practicable, and to purchase items which are reusable, refillable, repairable, more durable, and less toxic to the extent that the purchase or use is practicable and cost-effective.
We also encourage and promote using minimal packaging and the use of recycled/recyclable products in the packaging of commodities purchased.  However, no sacrifice in quality of packaging will be acceptable.  The company remains responsible for providing packaging that will protect the commodity and contain it for its intended use.
Companies are strongly urged to bring to the attention of the purchasers in the Division of Purchase and Contract those products or packaging they offer which have recycled content and that are recyclable.

11. CLARIFICATIONS/INTERPRETATIONS: Any and all questions regarding this document must be addressed to the purchaser named on the cover sheet of this document.  Do not contact the user directly.  Any and all revisions to this document shall be made only by written addendum from the Division of Purchase and Contract.  The offeror is cautioned that the requirements of this quote can be altered only by written addendum and that verbal communications from whatever source are of no effect.

12. ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION: CPCC reserves the right to reject any and all quotes, to waive any informality in quotes and, unless otherwise specified by the offeror, to accept any item in the quote.  If either a unit price or extended price is obviously in error and the other is obviously correct, the incorrect price will be disregarded.

13. REFERENCES: CPCC reserves the right to require a list of users of the exact item offered. CPCC may contact these users to determine acceptability of the quote.  Such information may be considered in the evaluation of the quote.

14. HISTORICALLY UNDERUTILIZED BUSINESSES: Pursuant to General Statute 143-48 and Executive Order #150, CPCC invites and encourages participation in this procurement process by businesses owned by minorities, women, disabled, disabled business enterprises and non-profit work centers for the blind and severely disabled.

15. AWARD OF CONTRACT: Qualified quotes will be evaluated and acceptance may be made of the lowest and best quote most advantageous to CPCC as determined upon consideration of such factors as:  prices offered; the quality of the articles offered; the general reputation and performance capabilities of the offerors; the substantial conformity with the specifications and other conditions set forth in the quote; the suitability of the articles for the intended use; the related services needed; the date or dates of delivery and performance; and such other factors deemed by CPCC to be pertinent or peculiar to the purchase in question.  Unless otherwise specified by CPCC or the offeror, CPCC reserves the right to accept any item or group of items on a multi-item quote.
In addition, on TERM CONTRACTS, CPCC reserves the right to make partial, progressive or multiple awards: where it is advantageous to award separately by items; or where more than one supplier is needed to provide the contemplated requirements as to quantity, quality, delivery, service, geographical areas; other factors deemed by CPCC to be pertinent or peculiar to the purchase in question.

16. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: As provided by statute and rule, CPCC will consider keeping trade secrets which the offeror does not wish disclosed confidential.  Each page shall be identified in boldface at the top and bottom as “CONFIDENTIAL” by the offeror.  Cost information shall not be deemed confidential.  In spite of what is labeled as a trade secret, the determination whether it is or not will be determined by North Carolina law.

17. TAXES:

FEDERAL: All agencies participating in this contract are exempt from Federal Taxes, such as excise and transportation. Exemption forms submitted by the contractor will be executed and returned by the using agency.
OTHER: Prices offered are not to include any personal property taxes, nor any sales or use tax (or fees) unless required by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

18. SAMPLES: Sample of items, when required, must be furnished as stipulated herein, free of expense, and if not destroyed will, upon request be returned at the offeror’s expense.  Request for the return of samples must be made within 10 days following date of quote opening.  Otherwise the samples will become CPCC property.  Each individual sample must be labeled with the offeror’s name, quote number, and item number.  A sample on which an award is made, will be retained until the contract is completed, and then returned, if requested, as specified above.

19. PROTEST PROCEDURES: When an Offeror wants to protest a contract award pursuant to this solicitation, that is over $25,000, they must submit a written request to the  State Purchasing Officer at the address given in the Request for Quotes entitled “Mailing Instructions”.  This request must be received in the Division of Purchase and Contract within thirty (30) consecutive calendar days from the date of the contract award, and must contain specific sound reasons and any supporting documentation for the protest.  Note:  Contract award notices are sent only to those actually awarded contracts, and not to every person or firm responding to this solicitation.  Offerors may call the purchaser listed on the first page of this document to obtain a verbal status of contract award.  All protests will be handled pursuant to the North Carolina Administrative Code Title 1, Department of Administration, Chapter 5, Purchase and Contract, Section 5B.1519.

20. MISCELLANEOUS: Masculine pronouns shall be read to include feminine pronouns, and the singular of any word or phrase shall be read to include the plural and vice versa.