Car Rentals

State Contract Terms and Rates for Rental Cars
(See below for information on Personal Use of Rental Cars)

1. Taxes. Prices or Discounts shown herein do not include any North Carolina sales or use taxes.

2. Reservations. Reservations will be placed throughout the contract period on an as-needed basis for the quantity required at the time, and will be issued directly to the respective contractor(s) or their designated suppliers. Contract changes, if any, over the life of the contract are implemented by contract addenda released by the Contract Administrator to the contractor.

3. Rates. This is a summary of rates for convenience only and does not list all types of vehicles. Please refer to the companies' proposals for other types of vehicles, specific charges such as city differentials, and other special situations.

Rent A Car
Per Mile
Note: Other types of vehicles not shown may be available. Please contact Enterprise Rent A Car for other vehicle types and prices, locations, and any other daily specials that might be applicable.
Economy $33.00 200 .25
Compact $35.00 200 .25
Intermediate $39.00 200 .25
Standard $42.00 200 .25
Full-size $44.00 200 .25
*Weekly rates for all the above = Daily rate times 6
Service Activation Procedures: Please contact the agency purchasing office.

4. Contractors. All known minority, women and disabled owned businesses, as well as disabled business enterprises and nonprofit work centers for the blind and severely disabled, including dealers, will be identified with "Minority owned" "Woman owned", "Disabled Owned", "DBE" or "BSD" as appropriate after the vendor number. This is being done in an effort to recognize these businesses and to encourage and promote their use to the greatest extent permitted by law.

When more than one supplier is listed for a particular item, selection should be made, whenever possible, from any of the groups identified above, consistent with agency needs, and price considerations.

Contractor Name & Acct
Contact Name
& Address
Reservations Customer Service
Enterprise Rent A Car
Corp. Account
# 53E5000
Kevin Mueller
5715 Westpark Drive
Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28217
Online reservations, pricing, and city locations

5. Insurance. The rental firm’s liability insurance is primary. The State of North Carolina is a self-insurer and therefore the rental firm may not charge any fees or surcharges for “collision waiver” or similar items to State employees utilizing the contract. The State’s insurance plan will respond for physical damage to the rental car for which authorized employees are liable.

Personal Use of Rental Cars

At Enterprise Rent A Car, CPCC employees may rent a car for personal use, however the State’s self insured liability insurance will NOT apply when renting for personal use; your personal insurance conditions should be considered for personal use rentals. To rent a car at the state contract rates, call 1-800-736-8222 to make reservations and give the Corp. Account # 53E5000.  


  • Specials are sometimes cheaper than the state contract rate. You can check for specials at before calling for a reservation. 
  • Renting from off-airport locations is usually cheaper than renting from airport locations.