For Requisitioners

Methods of Purchase: Contact your Buyer with any questions

  • Available on established state term contract: Requisition and purchase in accordance with the established state contract terms.  Listing of State Term Contracts
  • Zero to $5,000: After determining that state contract is not available, the CPCC Procurement Department may purchase goods, services or equipment from a requisition's suggested vendor quote without solicitation of any additional quotes.
  • $5,001 to $9,999.99: After determining that state contract is not available, the requisitioning department, or the Procurement Department, must solicit e-quotes from at least three vendors through the NC E-Procurement system.  For printing services, one quote must be solicited from the CPCC Print Shop.
    Note: NC Department of Information Technology allows the use of E-Quotes (for ITS related purchases) up to $25,000, if appropriate.
  • $10,000 to $49,999.99 (STATE ITS maintains a $25,000 limit): After determining that state contract is not available, a formal requisition package must be submitted to the CPCC Procurement Department.  The CPCC Procurement Department must solicit formal written bids through the State of NC Interactive Purchasing System for a minimum of 10 days.
  • $50,000 and Up ($25,000 for STATE ITS): After determining that state contract is not available, a formal requisition package must be sent to the NC Division of Purchase & Contract for bid solicitation.
  • VISA p-card: All p-card guidelines apply to small dollar purchases.  Visit our P-card page to view P-card guidelines.  Regardless of dollar amount, P-card cannot be used to purchase equipment or computers.  Equipment is defined as an item $1,000 or more (including freight, installation or warranties) and having a life expectancy of 2 or more years.
  • Construction: Under $500,000 purchase locally by competitive bidding.  Over $500,000 must be sent to the State Construction office for approval.
  • Equipment rental and other contractual services: Requisition and purchase locally by soliciting proposals or bids.


Requisitions: A CPCC requisitioner will utilize two systems to encumber College funds.  The NC E-Procurement system and the CPCC Colleague system.  At all times, expected expenses from CPCC vendors that can not pay via P-card must be encumbered thru the NC E-Procurement system prior to services being rendered or goods being ordered. At year end, internal charges such as P-card, postage and travel will be encumbered thru our CPCC Colleague system.  Contact your Buyer with questions.

  • E-Procurement: E-Procurement is a state wide purchasing system used to encumber College funds to CPCC vendors.  Prior to a requisition being entered, the CPCC vendor must already exist in or must register with the NC E-Procurement system.  E-Procurement provides job aids and training videos regarding how to enter a requisition in the E-Procurement system, username and password required.  Visit our E-Procurement page to view job aid/training video links, information on receiving a username and password, E-Procurement contact information or to search for registered vendors.
      • Contact Human Resources first and submit the appropriate forms to ensure that individuals are eligible to be hired as independent contractors.
      • Attach all relevant documentation to your E-Procurement requisition.  Examples include but are not limited to:  sole source letter, contract or agreement, quote, above mentioned Human Resources forms approving an individual as a contractor.
      • Visit our Training page for information on internal E-Procurement training opportunities.
  • Colleague: Colleague is the internal system for CPCC.  At year end, internal expenses for p-card, postage and travel are encumbered thru Colleague.  Click the below link to view instructions on entering a requisition in Colleague.


CPCC Contractor Agreement form Click to access a contractor agreement form supported by CPCC.
(If the vendor is an independent contractor, the Contractor Agreement Form must be approved by Human Resources prior to submitting to Procurement.)


Office Supplies (State contract 615-A): Forms and Supply, Inc. is the vendor on the state term contract for office supplies.  The state term contract covers office supplies, office equipment, toner, remanufactured toner and paper (paper orders $250 and less).  Forms and Supply will collect your used toner cartridges during office supply deliveries.  A core list of items are highlighted in E-Procurement to help identify and maximize savings.

This is a mandatory state term contract for state agencies.  Due to the mandatory status, it must be used when ordering office supplies, office equipment, toner, remanufactured toner and paper (paper orders $250 or less).  The previous state term contract for office supplies had a condition allowing office supply purchases of $100 or less to be made from any office supply provider.  This $100 or less condition no longer applies under the current mandatory office supply contract 615-A.

What if another office supply provider sales the same product for less than the mandatory state term contract price?  Due to the contract’s mandatory status, the College must provide Forms and Supply the opportunity to match the lesser price.  If Forms and Supply will not match the lesser price then the product can be purchased outside of the mandatory state term contract.