For Requisitioners

Methods of Purchase: Contact your Buyer with any questions

  • Available on established state term contract: Requisition and purchase in accordance with the established state contract terms.  Listing of State Term Contracts
  • Zero to $5,000: After determining that state contract is not available, the CPCC Procurement Department may purchase goods, services or equipment from a requisition's suggested vendor without solicitation of any quotes.
  • $5,001 to $9,999.99: After determining that state contract is not available, the requisitioning department, or the Procurement Department, must solicit e-quotes from at least three vendors through the NC E-Procurement system.  For printing services, one quote must be solicited from the CPCC Print Shop.
  • $10,000 to $49,999.99 (STATE ITS maintains a $25,000 limit): After determining that state contract is not available, a formal requisition package must be submitted to the CPCC Procurement Department.  The CPCC Procurement Department must solicit formal written bids through the State of NC Interactive Purchasing System for a minimum of 10 days.
  • $50,000 and Up ($25,000 for STATE ITS): After determining that state contract is not available, a formal requisition package must be sent to the NC Division of Purchase & Contract for bid solicitation.
  • VISA p-card: Small dollar purchases $2,500 or less.  All p-card guidelines apply to small dollar purchases.  Visit our P-card page to view P-card guidelines.  Regardless of dollar amount, P-card cannot be used to purchase equipment or computers.  Equipment is defined as an item $1,000 or more (including freight, installation or warranties) and having a life expectancy of 2 or more years.
  • Construction: Under $500,000 purchase locally by competitive bidding.  Over $500,000 must be sent to the State Construction office for approval.
  • Equipment rental and other contractual services: Requisition and purchase locally by soliciting proposals or bids.



Requisitions: A CPCC requisitioner will utilize two systems to encumber College funds.  The NC E-Procurement system and the CPCC Colleague system.  At all times, expected expenses from CPCC vendors that can not pay via P-card must be encumbered thru the NC E-Procurement system prior to services being rendered or goods being ordered. At year end, internal charges such as P-card, postage and travel will be encumbered thru our CPCC Colleague system.  Contact your Buyer with questions.

  • E-Procurement: E-Procurement is a state wide purchasing system used to encumber College funds to CPCC vendors.  Prior to a requisition being entered, the CPCC vendor must already exist in or must register with the NC E-Procurement system.  E-Procurement provides job aids and training videos regarding how to enter a requisition in the E-Procurement system, username and password required.  Visit our E-Procurement page to view job aid/training video links, information on receiving a username and password, E-Procurement contact information or to search for registered vendors.
      • Contact Human Resources first and submit the appropriate forms to ensure that individuals are eligible to be hired as independent contractors.
      • Attach all relevant documentation to your E-Procurement requisition.  Examples include but are not limited to:  sole source letter, contract or agreement, quote, above mentioned Human Resources forms approving an individual as a contractor.
      • Visit our Training page for information on internal E-Procurement training opportunities.
  • Colleague: Colleague is the internal system for CPCC.  At year end, internal expenses for p-card, postage and travel are encumbered thru Colleague.  Click the below link to view instructions on entering a requisition in Colleague.


CPCC Contractor Agreement form Click to access a contractor agreement form supported by CPCC.

Office Supplies: Forms and Supply, Inc  is the vendor for general office supplies on the state term contract 615A.  If pricing is lower than state contract or you have buyer-approved justification, you must keep a printout of this comparison with your P-Card receipt and include it with your FS-25 for auditing purposes. Failure to do so may result in revocation of your P-Card.  Computers priced less than $1,000 are minor equipment and may not be purchased using the P-Card.  Office Supplies click to view the state's office supply contract.