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Procurement Trainings: All scheduled Procurement trainings are in LearnerWeb.  To participate, register thru LearnerWeb to receive professional development credit for attending.  Procurement staff are happy to provide an additional training class for a group of 10 or more.  Contact your buyer once a group has been formed.  A smart classroom is required for training.  E-Procurement, E-Quote, P-card, Contract, and state Procurement Guideline trainings are available to our customers.

See below for scheduled Procurement trainings.  Access LearnerWeb to register.


E-Procurement training: Any employee requiring access to E-Procurement must take this class to receive access.  Attendees should complete the GL New Hire training prior to attending this E-Procurement class.

This class is an overview of Procurement guidelines and the E-Procurement requisitioning process.  All external vendor requisitions must be entered into the E-Procurement system.  Upon completion attendees will be able to enter external vendor requisitions into the E-Procurement system, enter internal requisitions and update E-Procurement requisitions in Colleague, perform requisition and purchase order look ups in E-Procurement and Colleague.

E-Procurement Training Dates:  Login to Learner Web to view E-Procurement training dates for the current fiscal year.

E-Procurement job aids and training videos can be found on our E-Procurement page.


E-Quote training: To receive access to E-Quote, attendees should complete the GL New Hire training and E-Procurement training prior to attending this E-Quote class.

Upon completion attendees will be able to issue an E-Quote, monitor vendor responses and select college business all using the existing E-Procurement system.

E-Quote Training Dates: Login to Learner Web to view E-Quote training dates for the current fiscal year.


P-card statement training: The Bank of America Works system is the system you access to print monthly P-card statements.  This training is to educate employees on how to access, review and print their P-card statements in the new Works system.

P-card Statement Training Dates:  As needed


Equipment Purchasing training: This class is an overview of state guidelines governing equipment purchases, thresholds determining if equipment is bid by CPCC or the State of NC, CPCC's equipment checklist that is submitted for equipment bids, how to requisition an equipment order while bidding occurs.  Additional topics to be discussed are including but not limited to State electrical standards for equipment purchases, equipment inspections by a state inspector, how to factor equipment installation and maintenance in the equipment requisition.

Equipment Training Dates: As needed


Year End Forums: Year end forums have been scheduled to review and answer questions regarding the established year end deadlines.  Forums have been scheduled for February 21st, February 23rd and February 24th.  Year End Forums are in LearnerWeb so please register as space is limited.

Procurement staff will conduct additional year end forums for a group of 10 or more.  Contact your Buyer once a group has been formed.