What is E-Quote?  E-Quote is an existing program within the NC E-Procurement system.  E-Procurement vendors can register themselves to participate in E-Quote.  Registered/Participating vendors receive notification from the E-Quote program that they can quote on a good or service they provide.  Vendor quotes are received by and stored in E-Quote.  Requesters view quotes and select business thru E-Quote.  A requester’s selected E-Quote will become the requester’s requisition in the E-Procurement system.     


If a vendor registers in E-Procurement are they automatically registered in E-Quote?  No.  There is a separate E-Quote registration process.  However, the E-Quote registration is within the E-Procurement system.


How can a vendor register in E-Quote?  A vendor can register for E-Quote by clicking the below link and following the provided instructions.  A vendor can call 888-211-7440, option 2 for helpdesk assistance with registering for E-Quote. 

NC E-Procurement - Vendor Registration


When is E-Quote required?  For purchases between $5,000 and $9,999.99.  For purchases within this range the current state of North Carolina regulation states:  “Except for circumstances in which a waiver, emergency or pressing need is permitted by rule, all purchases for more than $5,000 made by agencies for those commodities, services and printing not covered by statewide term contracts, must comply with the following procedures.  The two exceptions to this are when an agency buys from either Correction Enterprises or from a Nonprofit Work Center for the Blind and the severely disabled."


1)      Competition must be solicited

2)      Solicitation documents requesting or inviting offers shall be issued

3)      Solicitation documents shall include standard language, including terms and conditions issued by SITP or P&C.  If additional terms and conditions are used by the agency, they shall not conflict with SITP or P&C’s general terms and conditions.

4)      E-Quotes may be used

When is E-Quote Not Required?  When an emergency, pressing need or waiver applies.

Emergency – The state of NC defines emergency as a situation that endangers lives, property, or causes the immediate discontinuation of a vital program and which can be rectified only by immediate on the spot purchase of equipment, supplies, materials, printing or contractual services.

Pressing need – The state of NC defines pressing need as one arising from unforeseen causes including but not limited to delay in contractors, delay in transportation or breakdown in machinery.

Waiver – Where personal or particular professional services are required ‘or’ where a particular product or service is desired for educational, training, experimental, developmental or research work.


E-Quote job aid for CPCC employees



E-Quote Trainings:  A monthly E-Quote training is offered.  Register thru LearnerWeb to attend as space is limited.  Training dates are available on our Current Announcements page.

Procurement staff will conduct additional trainings for a group of 10 or more.  Contact your buyer once a group has been formed.