Did You Know ...

  • Did you know...The Department of Administration, Division of Purchase & Contract has released a new Statewide Term Contract for all types of furniture?  The new Statewide Term Contract replaces the previous Statewide Term Contracts for furniture contracts.  The new contract contains specific requirements surrounding its use.  In accordance with North Carolina General Statue 148-134, agencies shall give preference to Correction Enterprises when purchasing furniture.  When entering a NC E-Procurement requisition for furniture being purchased off of this contract, a waiver from Correction Enterprises must be attached to the requisition confirming they are not able to fulfill the specific furniture purchase.  For more information on the new Statewide Term Contract, please visit http://www.pandc.nc.gov/420a.pdf.


  • Did you know…Candy Lawson, CPCC’s dedicated FSI account representative has retired? Our new account representative is Karen Strawther.  Karen can be reached at 800-559-2869 ext. 3434. Beth Malpass will remain as CPCC's customer service representative.  If you have any questions or inquiries regarding ordering of your office supplies from our NC Statewide Term Contract vendor, FSI Office, please let them know.


  • Did you know…The PCard cannot be used to purchase items considered to be High Risk?  Please refer to the Inventory Control and Equipment Guidelines for specific items, http://www.cpcc.edu/procurement/equipment.


  • Did you Know…That vendors can be debarred from doing business with the State?  If a vendor is debarred, CPCC cannot do business with them, including use of the PCard.  To see a list of debarred vendors, please visit http://www.pandc.nc.gov/actions.aspx.


  • Did you know ... Attention Pcard Users:

Effective immediately, the maximum for a single Pcard purchase will be reduced from $2,500 to $999.  The reduction is due to the Iran Divestment Act.  A single purchase over $999 may be allowed if a signed Iran Divestment Act Certification is obtained and forwarded to Rosalynn Hoang (Senior Buyer) prior to the purchase.  Please contact Rosalynn Hoang for additional questions.

The Certifications can be found on the Procurement Intranet site at the following links:

For Non-IT purchases

For IT related purchases

Please note this Act continues to be debated at the State level and changes may occur as additional guidance is received.  Any changes to the Act will be communicated on the Iran Divestment Act Page of CPCC’s Procurement Intranet Site.

The Procurement Intranet site will be updated with additional details; however, full details about the Act can be found at https://www.nctreasurer.com/inside-the-department/OpenGovernment/Pages/Iran-Divestment-Act-Resources.aspx.