In support of the College mission, the mission of the Department of Planning and Research is to promote and increase the ability of Central Piedmont Community College to advance learning and strengthen the economic, social and cultural life of the Charlotte Mecklenburg region.

Goals (College Goal Supported)

1. To assist the institution in complying with accountability and other reporting requirements associated with State regulatory Agencies and accreditation organizations (9, 14).

2. Serve internal needs of the College community by acting as an internal data management and information resource (9, 10).

3. Facilitate institutional improvement by and through insightful and innovative support services (9).

4. Involve Planning and Research staff in College-wide, function-specific planning groups, councils, task forces and teams (8, 9, 10).

5. Assess the effectiveness of programs, units and related functions in order to determine the extent to which goals are being met (8, 9).

6. Facilitate College-wide planning and assessment by providing leadership in research design and implementation (9).

7. Aid and support the College's Enrollment Management Task Force to improve scheduling, manage enrollment and grow FTEs (2).

8. Increase availability of data, review processes, evaluation results and surveys via the department web site and the internet (7).

9. Develop/implement an on-line planning and budgeting process for the College (7).