Fact Book 2011-2012

Fact Book 2011-2012


The Central Piedmont Community College Fact Book 2011-2012 presents comprehensive statistical information about the College.  This Fact Book provides the data concerning: organization, academics, students, funding, facilities, and employees.

Although most data are presented on a college-wide basis, enrollment and class information by campus is also provided as appropriate.  Campus data include six locations currently in operation: Central Campus, Merancas Campus, Cato Campus, Levine Campus, Harper Campus, and the Harris Campus, in addition to a virtual campus (distance education) and off-campus sites (courses offered at other facilities, e.g., high schools).

Most of the student and class information is based on the data managed by the Office of Planning and Research.  In order to obtain a more complete profile, the end of term data were generally used to produce the student enrollment information while the census registration point of data were used to produce the class enrollment information.  The total enrollment numbers may not be identical with those appearing in the documents (e.g., annual statistical reports) published by the NC Community College System Office due to the different datasets.  Data acquired from other Offices are otherwise indicated with the sources of information. 

The contributions of many offices to this publication should be acknowledged, specifically, the Office of the Executive Vice President, the Learning Resource Center (library), Marketing (Graphic Design), Facilities Services, Internal Audit and Compliance, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources and the CPCC web page.

The electronic version of the Fact Book is accessible to the public on the World Wide Web via Central Piedmont Community College’s home page at www.cpcc.edu or directly at http://www.cpcc.edu/planning.

Inquiries and comments regarding this document may be directed to the Planning and Research Office, P.O. Box 35009,Charlotte, NC 28235-5009

Phone: 704-330-6592
Fax: 704-330-6013
Email terri.manning@cpcc.edu.

Institutional Research
Terri Manning, Ed. D., Associate Vice President for Institutional Research
Bobbie Frye, M.S., Director of Institutional Research
Catherine A. Kurilla, M.A., Senior Research Analyst
Paul Earls, B.S., Research Analyst
Jason Temples, B.S., Research Analyst

Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
Terri Manning, Ed. D., Associate Vice President for Institutional Research
Denise Wells, M.S., Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Mary-Lynn Mitchell, B.A., Director of Quality Assurance
Stacey Quigg, M.S., Research Information Specialist
Krys Swartz, M.A., Research Analyst

Center for Applied Research

Terri Manning, Ed. D., Director, Center for Applied Research
Dawn Coleman, M.A., Senior Research Analyst
Lynn Williams, A.A.S., Administrative Specialist

President’s Message

I hope that this Central Piedmont Community College Fact Book 2011-2012 helps you to understand the critical role Central Piedmont Community College plays in the lives of the tens of thousands of people we serve each year.  Additionally, this data is confirmation of the College’s responsiveness to the needs of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg business community.  You will find information that focuses on our students, academic programs, six campuses, and the services that we provide beyond the classroom.

Upholding its vision of becoming the “national leader in workforce development”, Central Piedmont Community College has earned recognition as a premier institution of higher learning.  The College is student centered and has a strong commitment to innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.  As the largest community college in North Carolina, Central Piedmont Community College serves students from 165 different countries, which is a reflection of its commitment to diversity.

I extend my congratulations and thanks to everyone who made the outstanding accomplishments in this book possible.


P. Anthony Zeiss
Central Piedmont Community College


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