CPCC Planning & Research
College Admin 4 Bldg
1330 4th Street,
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235-5009

Planning and Research
Terri Manning
, Ed.D, Assoc VP of Institutional Research
Marilyn Smalls, Administrative Assistant

Institutional Research
Bobbie Frye
, Ed.D, Director
Paul Earls, Senior Research Analyst
Jason Temples, Research Analyst
Courtnee Bonds, Senior Research Analyst
Greg Higgins, Research Analyst

Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
Denise Wells
, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Mary-lynn Mitchell, Director, Quality Assurance
Mary Heuser, Research Analyst

Center for Applied Research
Terri Manning, Ed.D, Founder
Michelle Wilson, Project Manager
Lynn Williams, Office Coordinator