CPCC Planning & Research
College Admin 4 Bldg
1330 4th Street,
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235-5009

Planning and Research
Terri Manning
, Ed.D, Assoc VP of Institutional Research
Marilyn Smalls, Administrative Assistant

Institutional Research
Bobbie Frye
, Ed.D, Director
Paul Earls, Senior Research Analyst
Jason Temples, Research Analyst
Courtnee Bonds, Senior Research Analyst
Greg Higgins, Research Analyst

Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
Denise Wells
, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Mary-lynn Mitchell, Director, Quality Assurance
Krys Swartz, Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness
Mary Heuser, Research Analyst

Center for Applied Research
Terri Manning, Ed.D, Founder
Dawn Coleman, Director
Michelle Wilson, Project Manager
Lynn Williams, Office Coordinator