Professional Development's goal is to be the bridge between training needs and outstanding performance in service to the college. In response to employee requests, we have created this calendar for viewing our educational programming for the month. Courses in the Employee Online Learning (EOL) catalog are available 24/7 and can be found in LearnerWeb. See below for the EOL course of the month!


eLev8 logo black letters eLev,the v is a check mark and a large blue 8 loops over it

What is the eLev8 Challenge?

The eLev8 challenge will take your course to the next level using the eight standards of the Quality Matters Course Design Rubric. The challenge will walk you through the process over an eight-month period, one standard at a time. Each standard will be thoroughly addressed, and you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your course design, apply the QM rubric and implement best practices as you go.


Click Below for the EOL course of the month: Human Resource Services for CPCC Employees

This training course will introduce CPCC employees to the full array of services offered by the Human Resources department. Upon completion of this training, you will be able to: characterize the goals of the HR Compensation team, recognize the benefits offerings available at CPCC, identify the tasks and responsibilities of the Recruitment and Selection team, and describe the functions of the Employee Relations team and name related services available to serve these functions.

November Spotlight: Elev8