Professional Development Advisory Committee


This committee will manage and supervise the Faculty/Staff Development Funds and Return-to-School Funds for Central Piedmont Community College to offer financial support to all employees interested in upgrading professional skills by attending workshops, conferences, or college classes.


Guidelines for Allocation of Faculty/Staff Development Funds

  • Funding is available to all CPCC employees subject to availability of funds.
  • Funding requests that directly relate to recertification or reaccreditation of a program, department, or individual will be given priority. All other funding requests must be directly work-related and mission critical to the College.
  • Travel must occur within the current fiscal year.
  • First time applicants, those who are presenting, members of a panel, or an officer of the sponsoring organization will be given priority.
  • Employees may request a maximum of one (1) out-of-state trip and one (1) in-state trip per fiscal year.
  • A completed application with required signatures, a paragraph explaining how this training benefits the College, a program brochure, and a Request-for-Authorization-to-Travel form must be submitted to the committee for approval prior to attending the conference.
  • Funding awards cover transportation, lodging, meals, and registration.
  • Upon return from funded travel or other professional development activities, attendees are expected to “give back to the College” in some way. Presenting conference information to your department, unit, or Learning College Showcase are examples of ways to “give back”.
  • Individuals who submit their applications for funding after attending an activity are not guaranteed an award.
  • A call for applications will be done twice a year-contingent on funding.
  • The maximum amount the will be awarded will be set at a $1,500.00 limit per trip. Any amount over $1,500.00 will be the responsibility of the traveler. Additional funding sources may be utilized.
  • When there is more than one individual from a department requesting travel funds, the department may be awarded up to $3,000. The department may allocate this amount among department members to get the maximum benefit.
  • Maximum benefits received over a three fiscal year time period will be set at $3,000.00. A fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.
  • Funding to attend the same conference in consecutive years is not guaranteed.
  • Upon reaching the maximum dollar amount an applicant must wait one fiscal year before re-applying for funds.
  • All requests for reimbursements must be submitted to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development within 10 days of return to campus.


Guidelines for Allocation of Return to School Funds

  • Funding is available to all CPCC employees subject to availability of funds.
  • A completed application with appropriate signatures and a paragraph describing the benefits of this training to the College must be submitted to the committee for approval prior to beginning the semester.
  • First time applicants are given priority.
  • An applicant may be fully or partially funded based on the maximum allowance of $700.00 per semester not to exceed $2,100.00 over three semesters.
  • Upon reaching the maximum dollar amount--$2,100.00--an applicant must wait one fiscal year before re-applying for funds.
  • Schedule of application submittals:
    • Summer Semester-Due by April 30
    • Fall Semester-Due by August 30
    • Spring Semester-Due by December 30
  • All requests for reimbursement must be submitted in a timely manner to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development.


Committee Membership

  1. Chairperson
    1. Must have served on the committee at least one fiscal year prior to becoming chair
    2. Preside over and moderate all Professional Development Advisory Committee meetings.
    3. Serve a term of two fiscal years.
  2. Vice-Chairperson
    1. Serve a term of one fiscal year before assuming the position of vice-chair.
    2. Moderate the Professional Development Advisory Committee monthly meeting in the absence of the chairperson.
  3. Secretary
    1. Provide an up-to-date balance of both funds.
    2. Take the minutes at each meeting and make them available from prior meeting for approval.
  4. Members
    1. Fifteen members equally divided among Faculty, Administration, Professional and Classified Staff make up this committee.
    2. Committee members are to serve a term of three fiscal years.
    3. Upon completion of term the member will elect to remain on the committee or rotate off and be replaced by a member of the same classification.
  5. Decision Making
    1. A quorum must be present for decisions to be made.
    2. If a quorum is not met, the voting will take place via e-mail the next business day.
    3. If a member misses either 2 consecutive meetings or 3 total meetings during a fiscal year without advanced notice, the secretary will contact him or her with regard to their further service on this committee.
    4. If a committee member has an application involving Faculty/Staff Upgrade Allotment or Return-to-School funds up for review, that committee member will be asked to excuse himself from the discussion and vote of the aforesaid application.
  6. Absenteeism
    1. Any member who must miss a meeting should notify the secretary ahead of time.
    2. Missing either 2 consecutive meetings or 3 total meetings during a fiscal year without advanced notice, should be contacted as to his/her intentions about remaining on the committee.
    3. If a member is unable to serve the required three fiscal year term, a replacement shall serve to the end of the member’s term and can be eligible to serve an additional three-year term.


Committee meetings will be held once a month unless Faculty/Staff Development and Return-to-School funds are depleted.

Changes to the Bylaws
The Bylaws will be reviewed and amended if necessary at the beginning of each fiscal


Committee Members 2012-2013

  • Joann Alexander, Executive Administrative Assistant, Retention Services, Chair
  • Teresa Caesar, Academic Advisor, Advising and Student Success Centers
  • Saronda Easter, Director Campus Administration, Cato Campus
  • Angela Eddie, Administrative Assistant III, Compliance and Audit
  • Catherine Flores, Program Chair, Medical Assisting
  • Fay Foster, Special Events Coordinator, Foundation/Institutional Advancement
  • Erin Payton, Librarian Senior, Library Services
  • Mona Rabon, Director, Leadership, Management & Professional Development (Corporate and Contract Training) and Teacher Education
  • Elena Randolph, Executive Director, Budgets and Payroll
  • Davandra Reed, Instructional Office Assistant, Mathematics
  • Rowell, Ann, Instructor, Accounting and Business
  • Brenda Sanner, Instructor, Health Sciences
  • Diann Back, Director, Center for Leadership and Staff Development, Ex-officio Member