Innovation Grant Committee

Because Central Piedmont Community College is committed to the quest for continuous improvement of quality programs and services, the CPCC Foundation funds the Innovation Grant Program to assist programs/units with the creation of innovative programs or services and to facilitate improvement, change, or growth within the Learning, Administrative, and Enrollment and Student Service units.

The primary purpose of this committee shall be to collect and review all applications for Innovation Grants. It shall make recommendations for awards to the applicant’s respective administrative council. The Committee will monitor the progress of projects that are approved by the College Cabinet and collect assessment data at their completion. The committee shall strive for equity of distribution of funds throughout the units of the College.

Recent Innovation Grants

Grant TitleScopeGrant Manager
Word of Mouth: Story Telling   
Students and Faculty Julie Obst, Library Services
On Demand Student Success Workshops Students Amy Riebold
Rain Garden at Cato Campus Students, Faculty, and Community John Holmes

Please take a few minutes to read the directions for completing an Innovation Grant proposal carefully.

  • All CPCC employees are invited to submit an Innovation Grant proposal.
  • Each Innovation Grant shall consist of no more than $2,000.
  • Innovation Grants may be submitted to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development at any time. The Innovation Grant Committee meets monthly to review proposals.
  • Discuss your idea for an Innovation Grant with your supervisor.
  • Create an itemized budget that does not exceed $2,000.
  • Complete the application, download it, and obtain the signature of your supervisor.
  • Submit your application to the Center for Leadership and Staff Development at Levine 3434. (Attention:  Diann Back)
  • The Innovation Grant Committee will invite you to participate in a 10-minute interview with the committee members. You will be asked to elaborate on your idea for an Innovation Grant at this time. The committee will offer suggestions for improving your proposal.
  • If your proposal is approved by the Innovation Grant Committee, it will go to the appropriate vice-president’s council for approval or rejection.
  • If your Innovation Grant proposal is approved by your vice-president’s council, your dean/supervisor and vice-president will sign it and forward it to the executive vice-president’s office.
  • The executive vice-president will take your proposal to Cabinet for approval or denial.
  • If your proposal has merit but is turned down at any point in the process, the Innovation Grant Committee will offer suggestions to help you revise your proposal, so that it can be resubmitted.
  • If your proposal is approved by the CPCC Cabinet, you will be notified by the Grants and Contracts Accounting Department that your budget is available. There may be some additional questions to answer in order to access your grant.
  • You must begin using the funds within six months of Cabinet approval of your innovative idea.
  • You need to complete your grant opportunity within two years from the date of Cabinet approval.
  • If you do not use the entire amount of your grant, the unused portion will go back into the general Innovation Grant fund for redistribution to another grant applicant.




  • The Innovation Grant Committee shall be composed of a cross-section of Central Piedmont Community College employees.
  • The number of committee members may vary between six to eight members.
  • Committee members will serve a term of two years in rotating cycles to be decided upon by the committee membership
  • A call for committee members will go out on July 1 of each year.
  • The Director of the Center for Leadership and Staff Development will notify the Chair of the need to meet and provide additional information regarding proposals before the committee but will not be a voting member of the committee


  • The Innovation Grant Committee will meet as needed to review Innovation Grant proposals in a timely manner.
  • Meetings may be online or face-to-face as needed.
  • Applicants will be invited to present a 5-10 minute summary of their proposals and to respond to questions by the committee.

Officers and Duties

  • Chair
    • The Chair shall notify committee members of meeting schedules.
    • The Chair shall call the meetings to order.
    • The Chair shall work with the Director of Leadership and Staff Development to set up appointments with applicants to share information with the committee.
    • The Chair shall monitor the committee discussions concerning the appropriateness of current proposals.
    • The Chair shall call for a vote to approve, hold,  or deny the current proposals
  • Vice-Chair
    • The Vice-Chair shall perform all the duties of the Chair whenever he/she is not available to conduct the meeting.
  • Secretary
    • The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings and distribute them to the members in a timely manner.
    • The Secretary shall send a list of suggestions for improvement to all applicants whose proposals were put on “hold”. The Secretary shall also send of list of reasons why a proposal was turned down by the committee to the proposal’s creator.
  • Treasurer
    • In lieu of a treasurer, the Executive Vice-President’s office will handle the arrangements for the disbursement of funds to those who are awarded Innovation Grants.


Committee Members  2012-2013

  • Charmaine Williams, Chairperson—Government Relations and Grants
  • Chris Emery—ITS Emerging Technology Services
  • James Bazan—Instructor, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Joann Alexander—Retention Services
  • Karen Stanley—Instructor, Academic ESL
  • Norma Henry—Sponsored Student Programs
  • Cynthia Smith—Instructor, Health and Human Services
  • Diann Back—Center for Leadership and Staff Development (ex-officio member)