ADA Call to Action!

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance Resources (all links open in a new tab or window)

Accessibility and Digital Learning at CPCC: An Employee Resource Guide (Website)

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to use the Accessibility and Digital Learning at CPCC Guide (Video)

Panopto Automatic Captioning (Video)

Automatic Captioning in Panopto (Handout, .docx)

Manual captioning in Panopto (Handout, .pdf)

How to activate the accessibility checker in Word (Video. The same basic steps that also apply to PowerPoint and Excel)

Accessible Word Documents Checklist (Handout, .docx)

Creating Accessible PDFs (Handout, .pdf)

PDF Accessibility Checker (Handout, .docx)

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations (Handout, .docx)

Blackboard Accessibility Checklist (Handout, .docx)

CPCC Accessibility Quick Guide (Handout, .docx)

Online ADA Guides for PD Credit (1 credit each)

Did you miss ADA Bootcamp? Or did you attend Bootcamp, but you still have accessibility questions? Professional Development has you covered! Take any of these on-demand, interactive training sessions for PD credit.

Important note: Clicking the links below will launch a new window within Learner Web to begin taking the course.

ADA Guide: Creating Accessible PDF Files
ADA Guide: Creating Accessible Word Documents
ADA Guide: Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
ADA Guide: Creating Accessible Excel Workbooks
ADA Guide: Captioning Videos with Panopto

Need more training?

FREE Webinars are offered through the NC Community Colleges Virtual Learning Community (VLC)!  Visit the VLC to register for these webinars and have access to topics that include:

  • Writing Alt Text
  • Captioning
  • Math Accessibility Tools
  • Accessibility Handbook for Online Courses
  • And much more!

How about something more interactive!

Take the ADA Compliance Kahoot!

  • Challenge yourself and your coworkers with ADA questions such as...
    • Are Google Documents accessible?
    • If a video is included in a Blackboard shell, when should it be captioned?
    • When you save a document, how should it be formatted?
    • ...and more! Each question is followed by a detailed explanation for the correct answer.