Employee Recognition Awards

Innovation of the Year

As a member of the League for Innovation, CPCC recognizes the Innovation of the Year.  This year’s winning innovation is a non-credit academic enrichment program that is designed to strengthen students’ foundational skills in science, technology, engineering, and math topics so that they will be better prepared to successfully complete gateway college-level STEM courses.  Just as importantly, students make connections between what they are learning and careers. Instructional costs are supported by the National Science Foundation grant which is administered by Bruce Johnson, Associate Dean, STEM.

Part-time Employee

Part of what keeps our instructional programs so relevant and vibrant are the excellent part-time instructors who bring their work experiences and expertise into the classroom. This award winner attends all of the open houses and program orientations and was actively involved in her program’s initial accreditation submission and site visit.  She also attends all of the Advisory Board meetings.

Donna Horton-Bowrey genuinely cares about student success and takes pride and ownership in the success of the Pharmacy Technology program.  She cultivates a learning environment where students are pushed and encouraged to think critically while having fun and deepening their desire to learn in both the classroom and with our clinical partners.

Classified Staff

The College recognizes the contributions of our Classified Staff and this award winner exemplifies the best of CPCC. Chris Patera in the Instructional Course Management Department received more than 40 letters of support for his nomination of this award.  Yes, that is a lot of letters, but it is not the quantity but the quality of those letters that tells the story of how valuable this employee is to the College.  He repeatedly was described as someone who exceeds expectations, who works behind the scenes to make everyone’s job easier, who always has a heartfelt smile and a helping hand.  He was even described as “the person who guides so many of us through the tortuous chambers of Datatel and COD entry.”

Administrator/ Professional Staff

In only four years, Jill Lutz, Executive Director of workplace learning and cooperative education, has built Apprenticeship Charlotte into an organization with 11 companies and 58 student apprentices.  She has been described as an enthusiastic, encouraging colleague; a fair and consistent leader; and an independent thinker who can see the big picture.  She is extremely good at both building a team and developing team members.   This leader is able to work with individuals within the College and across businesses and industries to move work-based learning initiatives forward and implement national and international co-op and internship opportunities.  Her strong business acumen of understanding client needs makes her one of today’s top leaders in workforce development.


Tony Beatty, Instructor and Faculty Advisor in the Human Services Department, was described as supportive and compassionate.  He works diligently and passionately for the Collegiate Recovery Community.  The CPCC Collegiate Recovery Community provides regular opportunities for students in recovery from addictions to engage in sober activities and support meetings as well as opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual growth. This instructor’s ability to help recovering students manage the stress of college, maintain their sobriety, and be successful in their academic pursuits make him worthy of recognition.





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