McElroy, Clint

Participation in Title III-Funded Faculty Training at Central Piedmont Community College and its Impact on the Teaching Methodologies Used by Instructors in Developmental Reading and English Courses

This study was conducted to determine the impact of the CPCC Title III-developed faculty training program on the variety of teaching methods employed by faculty members who were teaching developmental reading and/or English courses at CPCC during Spring Term 2005 and/or Spring Term 2006. The CPCC faculty training program addressed in the study was implemented as part of an ongoing five year project funded by the United States Department of Education’s Title III Improving Institutions grant program. Randomly selected students were surveyed to determine whether faculty members who completed the training program were more likely to use 28 specific teaching methods than faculty members who had not yet participated. Instructors who had completed the training were found to use 21 methods more frequently, while seven other methods were used with similar frequency by both groups. There were eight teaching methods for which the results were deemed statistically significant for both years of the study. All of these methods were used more frequently by faculty members who had completed the training program. This study not only validates the efficacy of the faculty training program being assessed, it also provides a model for other community colleges to use in assessing the efficacy of faculty training programs.