Faculty/Staff Development Funds (Tier A)

Central Piedmont Community College offers financial assistance to employees to attend workshops, conferences, and/or seminars. Proposals are reviewed by the Professional Development Advisory Committee, which is composed of faculty, administrators, and staff members. The Professional Development Advisory Committee prioritizes proposals for funds allocation using the Guidelines for Allocation of Funds listed below. View form

Guidelines for Allocation of Faculty/Staff Development Funds (Tier A)

  • Funding is available to all full-time and part-time CPCC employees.
  • Travel requests that directly relate to recertification or reaccreditation of a program or individual will be given first priority.
  • First-time applicants, presenters at conferences, and officers of the sponsoring organization directly involved in planning the conferences will be given priority.
  • Conferences and workshops must be directly work-related and specific to the mission of the College.
  • The maximum amount that will be awarded is $1,500 per individual per trip. Any amount over $1,500 will be the responsibility of the traveler. Additional funding sources may be utilized.
  • Maximum benefits received over three fiscal years is $3,000. Upon reaching the maximum dollar award, applicants must wait one fiscal year before re-applying for funding.
  • Where more than one individual from a department is requesting travel funds for the same event, the department may be awarded up to $3,000. The department may allocate this amount among the applicants to get the maximum benefit.
  • Funding awards cover transportation, lodging, meals, and registration.
  • Upon return from funded travel, attendees are expected to "give back to the College" in some way. Presenting conference information to your department or unit, or volunteering at a college function during the fiscal year in which the travel took place are just two examples of ways to "give back."
  • Employees may request a maximum of one (1) out-of-state trip and one (1) in-state trip per fiscal year.
  • Funding to attend the same conference in consecutive years is not guaranteed.
  • Individuals who submit their application for funding after attending an activity are not guaranteed an award.
  • Travel must occur within the current fiscal year.
  • In order to expedite the application process, the Request for Authorization to Travel form must be attached to the application for funding when presented for signatures.


If you have any questions about the process for completing an application for either Faculty/Staff Development Funds (formerly Tier-A) or Return-to-School funding, please contact Diann Back.