College Fellows & Projects


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2016 Applied Research Fellow Shannon Blair

Service Learning for 100% E-Learners:  connecting the learner, instructor and community.

E-Service Learning: Teaching, Learning and Serving Online

2015 Community Fellow Susan Medlin, Dr. Ann Askut and Dr. Barbara Neequaye

Create and Facilitate Proctored Digital Badges in Programming, Database and Web Technologies to Assess Student's Ability to Meet Industry Standards for Employment.

Instructor Manual for Secure Exam Scheduler

2013 Applied Research Fellow Todd Koonts and Steve Scott

Implementing Distributed Processing for Digital Forensics in a Remote Learning Environment

Technical implementation of a virtualized forensic distributed processing network using NGD NETLAB

2012 Learning  Fellow

Dr. Amy King

Connecting Students in the Online Public Speaking Course Through Virtual Speeches

Conference Manuscript

Conference Panels featuring Research :

"Embracing the Opportunity to Examine the 'Public' in an Online 'Public Speaking' Course:  Part 2 of a 2 Part Discussion" NCA, Community College Section, November, 2015 - Las Vegas,  NV

“Fostering Community in the online Public Speaking Class Through Peer Connection,” Community College Section, National Communication Association 2013.

“Connecting Students in the Online Public Speaking Course Through Virtual Speeches,” Carolinas Communication Association, October 2013.

2010 Applied Research Fellow
Felesia Stukes Analysis of an Online Community for CPCC STEM Students

Students in Academia, Research & Service

2009 Applied Research Fellow DI von Briesen Development of Ecobox Prototype

EcoBox Project Site
EcoBox Video Introduction

2009 Learning Fellow Terence Fagan Life-Cycle Assessment of Ecobox

Terence Fagan Interview

2008 Applied Research Fellow Jessie
Development of Heat Sensitivity Monitoring Device

Jessie Attrey Interview

2007 Learning Fellow
Rita Rodabaugh Student Perceptions of Fairness

Presented at CPCC's May Daze for faculty

2006 Learning Fellow Brian Anderson Annotation of "A Day in Bohemia," an Innovative Treatment of an Understudied Text
2005 Learning Fellow Dr. Anne McIntosh An Evaluation of Communication Patterns of Deaf-Hearing Couples

Conference Paper 1
Conference Paper 2