Student Ambassadors of 2018-2019

My name is: Aleya Pillmear-Martin

I am from: Huntersville, NC

Major: Nursing

About me: I moved to Huntersville, NC when I was 11 years old from Orlando, Florida! I am a HUGE Disney fan and enjoy singing, relaxing outdoors or hanging out with my friends and puppy Maggie! Attending CPCC was probably one of the best decisions I have made. It has allowed me to become the best student I can be and has offered me many great opportunities! I am currently a sophomore student studying pre-nursing and will soon be transferring to a 4 year college to finish my nursing degree! “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever!” - Walt Disney

My name is: Briany Santos-Villalobos

I am from: Charlotte, NC

Major: Associates of Science - Biology and Chemistry

About me: I am currently studying to become a doctor. What type of doctor? I don't know yet. As you can guess, it takes many years to become a doctor (~12 years give or take). Unfortunately, due to some family struggles, I almost gave up on pursuing higher education and pursuing my dream. Thanks to an advisor from high school, I was forced to apply for the Presidential Scholarship and came to Central Piedmont (I got the scholarship). Although coming to CP was not my first choice, I chose to make the most of it. I got involved on campus with the Central's SGA, PTK, Rotoract, and the STEM Alliance. Along the way I met some awesome people, would recommend. My experience here has opened many opportunities for me. the most notable so far being studying abroad for free. I must thank the Gilman Scholarship (apply for it!)  and the Global Learning office for helping me while applying. I've also been growing as an individual. You know, becoming for confident and stuff like that. I guess in summary, I hope to push other people to do the same. School is only as fun as you make it out to be. I look forward to seeing you on your campus tour!

My name is: Brittany Schwartz

I am from: Rochester Hills, MI

Major: Culinary Arts

About me: Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I grew up just north of Detroit, MI and at 19 moved to Utah on my own. I learned a lot spending the first half of my twenties without any family close by but I still hadn't earned a college degree. I decided to make a change, moved across the country again, and started school with the support of my family. Being here at CPCC, in the Culinary & Hospitality Programs, I feel like this is where I'm meant to be. I love to help people and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so while representing this amazing school. "Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it." -- Julia Child

My name is: DeNiesha Daniel

I am from: Charlotte, NC

Major: Associate in Arts - English

About me: My first day at CPCC started with a campus map, an empty binder full of paper, and a giant cup of coffee. Even as I wandered around lost, and for the most part alone, I still managed to find every vending machine on campus and the cheapest cup of coffee around. After a year of walking around Central Campus with my headphones plugged in and my head in the clouds, I've learned plenty and seen a lot of lost faces looking for some help in the crowd. Being in the Student Ambassador program gives me the opportunity to help the students around me, which will in turn teach me the skills I need to teach others. If you manage to find me huddled up in the library watching an old Studio Ghibli film, wave hello!

My name is: Estefania Piedrahita

I am from: Carterest, NJ

Major: Interpreter Education

About me: I was born in Cali, Colombia, but came to America when I was four years old. I will be entering my second year at CPPC, learning American Sign Language, in hopes of entering the Interpreting program next fall. I believe communication is key for human beings to work and succeed.

My name is: Jacob Hege

I am from: Huntersville, NC

Major: Marketing/Psychology

About me: My first 18 years was a blur. Never knew what I wanted or how to get it. By some happenstance I ended up at CPCC. This is where life started to get fun and meaningful. I fully indulged myself in campus activities and organizations taking full advantage of the opportunities available for CP students. I became involved with SGA at Merancas campus (#mightymerancas). This sparked my enthusiasm for student life. I believe CPCC students should recieve the same experience as a University student. I enjoy finding different ways to involve and excite CP students. Student life has become a huge part of my life, and if you attend CPCC I hope you engage to create a meaningful college experience for both yourself and others!

My name is: Kiyoshi Roberts

I am from: Nassau, Bahamas

Major:Information Technology - Concentration in Cloud/Virtualization Technology

About me: I am an international student from the Bahamas. My establishment to the United States made me strive to want to do more for myself and for others. Although I came to Charlotte to obtain a degree in Information Technology, during my time here I have felt and experienced so much that has caused me to have a burden for the community. I am proud to say that being involved at CPCC has helped me to flourish as a strong and dedicated team leader and player. I enjoy spending my spare time helping others to achieve their goals as I am motivated to achieve mine. A really great thought that I live by is, “What are you doing to help others?” As one great person once wrote, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan

My name is: Mary Manghaucing

I am from: Myanmar

Major: Associate in Arts - Business Administration

About me: I was born in Myanmar. When I was young, my family left the country and immigrated to Malaysia due to wars. Once when we got into Malaysia, we resettled and applied for the UN and came to the USA as a refugee. Sometimes, I felt lost but living in the different countries had taught me to have an empathy and to become a more civilized human being. I am planning to get an associate degree in art than to transfer to 4 years of college to major in Marketing. I want to travel the world and meet new people. CPCC has given me another hope after I get into the USA. It paved another stepping stone to achieve my ambition and I am excited for what the future may hold. I want to be a more confident person as I go through my time being a student ambassador of CPCC.