2013-2014 Student Ambassadors

Vu Dinh

Name: Kenny Emberton

Where you are from: Gainesville, VA

About you: Military brat, accounting major, guitar aficionado, love playing guitar and writing music, like to read old books, favorite authors are Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe, and magazines, such as Guitar Player and GQ, classic rock fan, favorite sport is basketball

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: Great opportunity for a leadership position and being active within the college, office experience, meeting new people





Victoria Hoover


Name: Genesis Isaac

Where are you from: Houston, Texas

About you: I believe that it is important to be a well-rounded individual.  Since attending CPCC, I've worked part-time and volunteered at numerous community service events. My career goal is to become a Pharmacist/Criminal Defense Attorney. I also believe that my faith in Jesus Christ and a positive attitude are the best vehicles to carry you through life.

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: Attending CPCC has helped me grow as a person.  As a result, I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador to assist and encourage the growth of other students in their academic progress. I hope to gain more knowledge and understanding about CPCC and help anyone that I can.




Name: Gioconda Vargas

Where are you from: Nicaragua

About you: I’m a mother of two; earning my Associates Degree in Nursing. I enjoy being involved in my community and enjoy volunteering whenever possible. I strive to give my all in everything that I do.

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: As a CPCC student ambassador I can be involved in the school and represent the school. This is an opportunity I took because my experience at CPCC has been a positive one; I have always received the resources I needed to be successful in all my classes and I want to be a part of someone else's positive CPCC experienc




Marqus Peters


Name: Arthur Milne

Where are you from: New Zealand

About you: I am a friendly, outgoing person, thriving on the new experiences life offers me. I enjoy playing Rugby for the Charlotte Royals, volunteering for other community organizations (especially those that serve the LGBTQI community) and in general just relaxing with friends, sharing laughs and forging memories.

I chose CPCC because it is very student oriented, it has a strong International Student department, and its focus on developing Core 4 values (Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Growth and Responsibility, and Information Technology and Quantitative Literacy) which are very in sync with what I wanted to get out of my College experience (besides good grades!).

Why I chose to become a CPCC Student Ambassador: I enjoy providing education based solutions for prospective students, it was a way to give back to a college that has been very good to me. I also wanted share and improve peoples understanding about what CPCC is, what we offer, and how to make the most of your time at CPCC.

Name: Yolanda Gordon

Where are you from: South Carolina

About you: I am the mother of three children.  I am a disability advocate,  Shot@Life Champion for the UN Foundation, and Parenting Magazine's Mom Congress Delegate for South Carolina for 2010.  I am a full time student at CPCC in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program and am a first generation college student.  I didn't just want to encourage my children to further their education, I wanted to show them that I could further my education as well.  I also love to read and enjoy the outdoors.

Why I chose to become a CPCC Student Ambassador: I chose to be a student ambassador because for the first time in any education experience I have had, I feel like a member of a giant family and that family is pushing me to succeed.  I want to give back to the college to show people that college students at CPCC come in all walks of life and ages.  I also chose to be a student ambassador to put my leadership skills to good use on campus.



Name: Erin Stevens

Where are you from: Cleveland, Ohio

About you: I graduated from Sun Valley High School in Monroe, NC in 2012.  This is my second year attending CPCC and I will be transferring after the spring semester of 2014 with my Associates Degree in Science to Adrian College in Michigan.  I am interested in medicine and want to become an interventional cardiologist.  I have been figure skating since I was 4 years old and I also coach figure skating at Pineville Ice House.  I plan to join Adrian College's Synchronized Skating Team and continue to coach there too.  

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador? I chose to become a student ambassador because I believe getting involved in your community is crucial.  I regret not getting involved in any clubs while I was in high school.  I now take advantage of every opportunity to get involved with the community through school and figure skating.  The more involved a person is the more successful they can be.


Name: Mackenzie Spence

Where are you from: I was born in Houston, Texas, but due to my father's job we moved around a lot! I have lived in Chicago, Hilton Head Island, and spent the majority of my life in Orlando, Florida before moving to Charlotte in August 2008.

About you: I am half Japanese, and am the youngest of two children, by seven years. I have an extreme passion for animals, and I am currently fighting to put in end to puppy mills. I am the mother to a 10 year old toothless dog, who was abused for the first 8 years of her life. I currently getting my associates in science at CP, and ideally love to transfer to UNCC or Wingate to get my bachelors in Chemistry and then get my doctorate at Duke. I would love to become a chemist who makes skin care products or develops make-up for a living. I love helping people, and I work at Salon Piper Glen as a receptionist, and I also am a "retired" dancer, (did competition dance for 13 years).

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: I wanted to be a student ambassador because I felt it was a wonderful way to give back to the college that has been so great for me. It is also a wonderful way to meet lots of new people, and become a huge part of the process of future students.


Name: Lindsay Hoffman

Where are you from: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

About you: I am in my second year as a full time student at CPCC with hopes of being accepted into the Dental Hygiene program in spring.

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: I decided to apply to the Student Ambassador program because it is a wonderful opportunity to help other people, which I am passionate about.  I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about the school and share my experiences with others.





Name: Charity Bowman

Where you are from: Wilmington, NC

About you: I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I believe that it is essential to be a self-motivator and a self-starter because if you don't believe in yourself nobody will.

Why I chose to be a CPCC Student Ambassador: I choose to be a student ambassador because I want to give back to my college as well as go into the community and recruit people to experience the great things that I have had the privilege of experience at CPCC.