Student Ambassador Program


The mission of the Student Ambassador Program is to provide CPCC with student leaders who participate in an official capacity at special events throughout the year. This program, which brings together students from various academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. In junction, provokes leadership, communication, personal and professional development for its membership while creating long lasting ties with their future alma mater.


Student Ambassadors will act as liaisons between the College, prospective and current students and their families, guests, alumni, business partners, and friends of the College by engaging in activities that:

  • Strengthen our traditions
  • Encourage lifelong involvement with the College
  • Promote Central Piedmont Community College Pride
  • Communicate the mission, vision and culture of the College


  • Demonstration of high standard of professionalism at all times.
  • Student Ambassador attire is to be worn at all events being worked.
  • Required attendance at any Student Ambassador monthly meetings.
  • Required attendance at the two-day training session and spring meeting.
  • Participation in a minimum of 60 hours of Student Ambassador activities per semester in fall and spring and 15 hours in the summer.  The summer hours will be comprised of event activities while the fall and spring semester hours will consist of 2 hours per week of office hours (equaling 32 each semester) and 28 hours of events.
  • Maintain enrollment in at least 9 credit hours at CPCC with active academic program during the fall and spring semesters while you are an Ambassador.  Maintain above a 3.0 GPA for the duration of your service to the program.

If you have any questions about the Student Ambassador Program, please contact -