QM Standard 3

Applying Quality Matters Standard 3: Assessment & Measurement

The QM Standards can be used to guide you through the course evaluation process and provide a benchmark for continuous improvement. General Standard 3 includes five specific review standards’ which can be met in various ways - this module will provide suggestions and examples to help you get started with the process!

Help us Improve eLev8!

Hello Dear Faculty,

With the focus of Standard 3 being assessment, the time seems right to evaluate the effectiveness of the eLev8 program.  Please help us by filling out a brief and anonymous evaluation.  Your feedback is vital and will provide us with the needed information to improve the quality of the eLev8 Challenge and the related resources for applying the QM Standards to online and hybrid courses. Click the below link to fill out the survey; your input is greatly appreciated - Thank you!

Kind Regards!

Resources from Quality Matters:

Make your MyQM account to download the QM rubric! at: https://www.qualitymatters.org/qm-membership/sign-up
Use the QM self-assessment tool: Once you've made your MyQM account, you can use the Self-Review tool, to review your course. See QM Self-Review tutorial at https://youtu.be/gCwsLJOAhlw

Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace:

The Quality Matters eLearning Marketplace is a free, searchable database built to serve the broad QM community with an easy-to-use eLearning product/service directory organized within the 8 general standards of the rubric as well as by user and product categories. To add new products, services or companies, please log in or create an account at MyQM eLearning Marketplace at https://ida.qualitymatters.org/marketplace