Migration process

  1. Migration of Moodle Content to Blackboad

    "Faculty can expect communication from the eLearning department in May 2017 notifying them of when their migration date will take place and the necessary items that need to be worked on prior to course migration."... Read More

Migration process

Migration Process

Step 1: Identify Moodle Shell

In this step, be ready to select the course to be migrated. We suggest to identify your most updated shell. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Course ID, Course name and term (if applicable)

  2. Is this course a Division Master -or- a copy from a Division Master? (Yes/No)

    1. If yes,  please name collaborator(s) and let us know if collaborator(s) need to be enrolled in the new Blackboard shell.

  3. Other important information you might like eLearning to know

Step 2:  Complete checklist

Prior to moving your content over, we ask that you have all items on the checklist below completed:

  1. Course ID

  2. Is this course delivered:

    1. IN (100% Online with no in-person sessions)

    2. HY (51% online but may have in person exams, labs or other meetings)

    3. TR or TR-WB (Traditional face-to-face instruction, however, it may involve online components)

  3. Ensure all learning material (videos, audio files, PowerPoints, PDFs) are current, and/or annotate what should be changed/customized.
    “I have found several video links broken in Week 3, Week 5, the  correct links are: …...”
    “Forum questions change every semester”
    “I require students to upload media assignments to my course”
    “I have multiple question banks and create different quizzes every semester, how would I do that in Blackboard?”

  4. Are you using any third-party tools/integrations (i.e McGraw Hill, Pearson, other) to supplement course material)?
    If yes, please provide:

    1. Name of the tool(s)

    2. Is this content housed in the Moodle shell -or- students need to login to the third party website?

    3. Do grades sync between the tool and Moodle gradebook?

    4. Do you use third party quizzes and/or question banks?

    5. Name of your rep/contact for your third-party integrations (for technical questions), especially publishers.

Step 3: Meet your ID

In this step, you will have a 1:1 session with your assigned Instructional Developer. You will go over the content that was moved, ask any questions you may have, and arrange training and support utilizing your new Blackboard course.


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