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Online Learning, 7:17"
Full video.

Are you new to online learning?
This video features students and faculty perspectives about online learning.



Course Design, 2:03"
- Excerpt from "Online Learning" video

CPCC faculty describe how the design of the course affects an online course.

Challenges, 3:12"
- Excerpt from "Online Learning" video 

In this video, several CPCC faculty talk about their biggest challenge as online instructors.

Faculty Perspectives, Melanie Reddrick, 3:01"

Melanie Reddrick is the Program Chair and Instructor in the Architectural Technology Department.
"My perspectives of teaching online has really change. At first, I thought, it was really just an event where you can kind of work on your own but I'm realizing, more and more, that there are so many live components that you can place into the class".


Faculty Perspectives, Chris Brawley, PhD, 3:35"

Dr. Brawley teaches Humanities and Religion.
"There is really a tight network of students that you don't get in a face-to-face class because some students might be shy and don't ask questions but online, they feel like they've got the freedom to really engage".

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