Dear Faculty,

You Rock!  Seriously - applying the Quality Matters (QM) Standards to your online or hybrid course can be a formidable task, and both students and the College alike appreciate your continued efforts to provide quality course design - CPCCs eLev8 program is designed to support you through the process. Elev8 utilizes the nationally recognized QM rubric (a tool designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses), as a benchmark for quality course design and is intended to support the goal of elevating your course to the QM rubric - one standard at a time.

The eLev8 Challenge:

The Challenge will use the provided eLev8 resources to aid in some of the challenging aspects of QM course design, like writing course and module learning objective, mapping and aligning course content (objectives, instructional materials, course activities, course tools, and assessments), creating a welcome video and more! Faculty workshops will be held to work through the material and provide a place for sharing information and best practices in implementing the QM standards. You will also have an opportunity to address and find solutions to challenging areas of QM course design. The Challenge will focus on applying the QM rubric one standards at a time, and registrants can submit their course for review as each is completed. Upon achievement of a standard, a quality badge will be awarded to mark your accomplishment. When all 8 standards have been achieved, your course will be given the elevated Course Design Quality Seal.

Dates for the  2018-2019 elev8 Challenge will be posted soon!

Requirements for participation

• CPCC Faculty with an online -or- hybrid course format (No more than two master courses per person)
• LMS master course explicitly designed for Online (IN) or Hybrid (HY) instruction.

eLev8 Resources:

Use the below resource to get started with the process and watch for the next eLev8 Challenge dates! To be informed of upcoming events & dates and new resources – sign up for the eLearning mailing list.

eLev8 Templates:

The eLev8 Blackboard Course template will streamline the QM course development process, by including the generic information required to meet QM standards (student services and resources, College policies & procedures, technology support…) as well as other information that is standard across programs. Placeholders for the content specific material are provided for guidance in the achievement of QM mandates for alignment and consistency. A syllabus template is also available to use with the template, which is located in the elev8 folder of the Faculty Resources section of the navigation. All template content may be changed as needed to fit your teaching style (except the navigation menu which is a CPCC requirement for online courses), but keep in mind, the template is designed to aid in meeting the QM rubric standards, and changes can affect standard achievement. For instance, if the required content is removed from one area, and not provided elsewhere, your course may no longer meet the particular standard the template achieved. It is advised to read through this document before making changes to the template.
The Templates will provide a strong foundation for course design based on the Quality Matters Rubric, which promotes consistency and standardization of online and hybrid courses. It will also provide a consistent learning environment for students by standardizing the location of information and resources.

Elev8 Blackboard Template Instructions and Documents (Includes Syllabus):


Visit the Quality Matters Pages for information about applying the Quality Matters Standards to your online and Hybrid Start by reading about the rubric and then each of the standards.