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What is the eLev8 Challenge?

The eLev8 challenge will take your course to the next level using the eight standards of the Quality Matters Course Design Rubric. The challenge will walk you through the process over an eight-month period, one standard at a time. Each standard will be thoroughly addressed, and you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your course design, apply the QM rubric and implement best practices as you go.

Why take the challenge?

As a dedicated faculty member committed to providing quality instruction and student success, you might like to take advantage of the eLev8 challenge. The eLev8 challenge utilizes the nationally recognized Quality Matters (QM) program as a benchmark for quality course design. The QM rubric is a tool designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses.

What are the 8 QM Standards?

When all 8 levels of your course have been applied, it will be given the elevated Course Design Quality Seal.

How does it work?

You can participate in the challenge by enrolling in the program and applying one standard each month to your course. As you apply each standard, you will submit it for review and a quality badge will be awarded to mark your accomplishment. Your name will then be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize.

By the end of the eight-month program, and after you have applied the eight standards, your course will be fully elevated, and you’ll receive a seal of elevated quality.


  • CPCC Faculty with an online -or- hybrid course format
  • LMS course (personal master -or- semester shell) designed specifically for Online (IN) or Hybrid (Hy) instruction.
  • LMS course must use CPCC Navigational Course Menu


  • Enroll once by October 27, 2017. Enrollments after 10/27 will be for the following year, 2018 eLev8 Challenge.
  • Work through the monthly standard and submit completion (see schedule).
  • You can enter the challenge at any time. However, the monthly drawing will be for the scheduled standard only.
  • Late submissions may take more time to obtain eLev8 badges.
  • Monthly drawings will be held on February 24, 2017 through December 1, 2017.

Click the "ENROLL" button to participate in the challenge.

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Monthly Sessions

Monthly meetings will be held to review each standard and provide guidance for implementation (attendance is optional).

  • Face-to-Face sessions will be held at Central Campus, Hall 306, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • You may attend monthly sessions via WebEx.

To obtain PD Credit, please register through LearnerWeb (Once you login to LearnerWeb, click on Schedule and search for "eLev8").

See 2017 eLev8 Schedule of monthly sessions with links to WebEx sessions.

Visit the Quality Matters Pages for information about applying the Quality Matters Standards to your online and Hybrid courses at https://www.cpcc.edu/elearningcommunity/quality-matters.  Start by reading about the rubric and then each of the standards.