Online Teaching Requirements

Online Teaching

Learning Management System (LMS) and "Your Role in eStudent Success" training is required for any instructor teaching an online course*

Below are the learning tracks necessary for each LMS:

Laptop with Bb logo
Use the Blackboard Learning Track
if you will teach with Blackboard *

  1. LMS & Course Administration
  2. Your Role in Blackboard Management
  3. Your Role in eStudent Success

Course Descriptions:

Your Role in Blackboard Management: Through this course, participants will gain hands-on understanding of the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) as well as CPCC policies and procedures that relate to Blackboard. Participants will have the opportunity to experience Blackboard and many of the tools it provides from both a student and instructor perspective.  "Your Role in Blackboard Management” replaces the Blackboard 101/102 sequence of courses.

Your Role in eStudent Success: Through this course, participants will focus on best practices in online learning, manage LMS tools to engage students, and demonstrate how to build an effective online community. This course replaces “Online Pedagogy” course, participants in “Your Role in eStudent Success” will identify effective applications of online teaching that help guide student success.

Refer to the Blackboardm learning tracks for details on delivery options.

*The training needed will depend upon the LMS used by your department, so verify with the Program Chair prior to registering for training.


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