Faculty Checklist for Teaching Online

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Checklist for Teaching eLearning Courses

Tutorials and Resources
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Pre-semester Planning
6-2 weeks before semester begins Course shells:
  • All courses have a Blackboard shell automatically created
  • You must be listed as the instructor of record to access the course shell; check with your discipline or program chair to confirm your teaching assignments (section numbers)
  • Masters are not required, but they are available upon request. To learn more about Master Shells, visit the Your Role in Blackboard Management online course page.


Go to Course Administration Webtools (CAW) if you wish to request a master. Click on the Blackboard or Moodle tab, then click on Request Master and complete the form.

Read new semester timeline for important LMS (Blackboard / Moodle) dates. Visit the Timeline of LMS Activities
After shell creation,  if you want to combine multiple course sections, make sure you know and follow your program's policy. Requests are made in CAW (Course Administrative WebTools area). NOTE: the Instructional Method for your course must be IN, TW, or TR(WB) in order to combine shells. If you do not see your course in the combine listing, please check that the Instructional Method code is correct in the COD.

FAQ with more information on combining shells

Go to Course Administration Webtools (CAW) to combine sections.

If you are using the Moodle LMS you must (Moodlize) request a Moodle shell in CAW. NOTE: the Instructional Method for your course must be IN, HY, TW, or TR(WB) in order to Moodleize. If you do not see your course in the Moodleize listing, please check that the Instructional Method code is correct in the COD.

Go to Course Administration Webtools (CAW) to Moodleize.

Moodle tutorial for Moodle Masters and Moodleizing shells

Important: If you are teaching a fully online (IN) or hybrid (HY) course where the only in-person requirement is testing, be sure that you have an EVA activity and that your students complete it on or before the 10% Census date. Students should not be allowed to work in the course until they have completed the EVA.
Instructions regarding the EVA - Enrollment Verification Activity.
6- 4  weeks before semester begins COPY YOUR COURSE(S), as soon as shells become available (typically 4-weeks before the semester begins). NOTE: if you are combining sections, combine first, then copy into the combined shell.

Blackboard Instruction are available on the eLearning Blog

Moodle instructions can be found in the Moodle Tutorials Block on the Moodle login page

Preparing Course(s) in New Shell(s)
2-1 week(s) before semester begins Once you have copied the course content from the Master or previous semester shell into this new course, you need to update it:
  1. Revise dates and update content.
    For example:
    • announcements
    • assignment/assessment availability
    • other due dates
Check LMS timeline for outage dates and plan deadlines accordingly.
  1. Update initial announcement to students if using Blackboard. If using Moodle, create welcome letter and post to News Forum after students are enrolled
  2. Check course links to ensure they are working.
  3. Update course information and content

Use Date Management to update availability dates, due dates, and adaptive release dates

Visit the Timeline of LMS Activities

7-1 days before semester begins If desired, contact students with first day instructions before class start date. Please remind them that they will not see the courses in the LMS until the official start date. See student email list on CAW site. Information regarding the Class Email List Tool
Make sure you understand the current attendance guidelines and procedures. NOTE: they are different for face-to-face and online courses. Watch the tutorial in LearnerWeb: Click on Course Catalog; Search for Attendance; click on Employee Online Learning
Communicate schedule of on-campus student Blackboard Practice sessions and/or direct students to the Online Student Orientation (currently under revision).

See a schedule of on-campus Blackboard Practice Sessions for students

Online student orientation

First Day of Class
First Day of Class Students will be activated in Bb or Moodle courses on the official course start date as indicated on course COD. Your official course roster is available in WebEmployee.
Make sure you post a welcome announcement and contact your students on the first day of class.

How to create an announcement in  Blackboard

How to create an announcement in Moodle

Course Shell Availability
  1. For courses other than fully online, hybrid, or teleweb, e.g., TR Traditional or TR(WB) Traditional with required online component, you are responsible for making the shells available to your students.
  2. Courses coded IN or TW (Internet, or Teleweb) will automatically be made available on the course start date.
  3. If you Moodlize your course, a redirect link to your course in the CPCC Moodle LMS will be posted in your unused Bb shell. Be sure to add the Announcements tool to the course menu and make the Bb course “available” so your students can see the announcement and the link.

Click here for Bb tutorial on how to make courses available

Click here for Moodle tutorial on how to make courses available.

Click here for instructions regarding the redirect link in the unused Blackboard course.

During Semester
When available

A few days prior to your 10% - Census date, contact any students who have not completed the EVA and urge them to do so. Students who do not complete the EVA cannot be counted as Present and should not be allowed to continue working in the course.

Enter WN grades for students who have not completed the EVA  by the 10% census date.

Click here for instructions regarding the EVA.
Ask students to complete the online student opinion survey when it is made available.
Complete STAR reporting/mid-term reviews. Contact your division office for instructions and deadlines.
QEP Reporting calendar
Semester Wrap-up
24 hours after last class Recommended though not required: Archive or backup your current course.

Click here for Moodle
Click here for Blackboard.

Download current course Gradebook, as backup. Click here for Bb tutorial (scroll down to How to Download Grades)
Click here for Moodle
Enter final grades into online grading system through Web Employee. Click here for instructions


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