Student Support


eLearning students, you are not alone! We know that technology and online learning can present obstacles. CPCC representatives are trained and ready to assist you in overcoming any barriers to learning. We want you to be successful in your courses and educational pursuits.

Where to go for support

Technical Support
If you are experiencing technical difficulties or errors, please contact the Help Desk for assistance. This would include such things as login problems, error messages, and software issues. [visit the IT Services Help Desk]
Classroom and Learning Support
If you are experiencing troubles with or have questions about a course's content or structure, please first communicate these concerns to the instructor of the course. Generally they are able to resolve them within a short period of time.

If you do not have your instructor's contact information, please see the course syllabus or look them up in the employee directory.

If you are unable to resolve the problem through the instructor, contact the Help Desk to log your request and it will be assigned to the appropriate representative. [visit the IT Services Help Desk]
CPCC Employees
If you are a CPCC employee in need of eLearning support or development, please visit the eLearning site. We have developed resources, support documentation, training opportunities and more to serve you! [visit the faculty eLearning webpage]