Courses / Programs

CPCC offers a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs online - including the fully online programs listed below - as well as professional, non-degree courses.

For detailed information about the programs, simply select the program of interest and begin exploring. By selecting a program of interest, you will be directed to the Program of Study website. Once there, you will be able to view program information and find contact information should you want additional information on a specific program. (*Please note additional programs may be listed on the Program of Study Web sites, but they are not guaranteed to be available through courses online. Only those programs listed on this page are guaranteed to be available fully online.)

Associate in Arts

The online Associate in Arts degree follows a more prescribed format to ensure the courses will be available to students online. Details can be found by selecting Associate in Arts degree online.

Associate in Science

The online Associate in Science degree follows a more prescribed format to ensure the courses will be available to students online. Details can be found by selecting Associate in Science degree online.

Business Administration

C25120-C1 Business Administration: Business Management Certificate
C25120-C5 Business Administration: Business Operations Certificate
C2512C-C1 Business Administration: Human Resources Generalist Certificate
C2512D-C2 Business Administration: International Business- Logistics Certificate

Computer Technology Integration

C25500-C1 Computer Technology Integration: Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics Certificate
C25500-C2 Computer Technology Integration: Advanced Digital Forensics Certificate
C25500-C3 Computer Technology Integration: Integration Foundations Certificate
C25500-C8 Computer Technology Integration: Technical Systems Certificate
C25500-C9 Computer Technology Integration: Microsoft Systems Administration Certificate
C25500-C10 Computer Technology Integration: Cisco Administration Certificate
D225500-D1 Computer Technology Integration: Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics Diploma
D22550-D6 Computer Technology Integration: Cyber Crime & Information Systems Security Diploma
D25500-D9 Computer Technology Integration: Network Administration Diploma/ Associate
D25500-10 Computer Technology Integration: Network Infrastructure Diploma/ Associate

Construction Management Technology

C35190-C5 Construction Management Technology: Entry Level Project Supervision Certificate

Criminal Justice

C55180-C3 Criminal Justice Technology - Essentials of the Criminal Justice System Certificate
C55180-C5 Criminal Justice Technology: Courts & the Law Certificate
C55180-C9 Criminal Justice Technology: Basics of Criminal Justice Certificate

Fire Protection Technology

A55240 Fire Protection Technology
C55240-C1 Fire Protection Technology: Fire Management Certificate
C55240-C2 Protection Technology - Basics in Fire Protection Certificate

Health Information Technology

A45360 Health Information Technology Associate

Office Administration

C25370-C5 Office Administration Specialist Certificate