Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the career opportunities in Medical and Office Administration?

    Office environments are continually changing, creating a demand for highly skilled
    administrative professionals that can ensure office operations run smoothly and effectively.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand is real; the administrative
    professional field is expected to see an increase of 362,000 new jobs between now and 2016.

    With a specialized associate degree, diploma and certificate in Medical or Office Administration from
    CPCC, you can gain the skills and confidence needed to pursue such high demand careers as:

    Job TitleMedian SalaryProjected Job Growth
    Medical Coders $38,040/year 13%
    Executive Assistants $55,860/year 15%
    Financial Clerks $38,080/year 9%
    Information Clerks $32,920/year 3%
    Receptionist $27,920/year 9%
    * Data courtesy of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  2. How do I get started...

    1. Complete a CPCC Application for Admissions. See here for details.
    2. Submit high school transcript and any college transcripts
    3. Take required placement test to determine placement in English (ENG) and Mathematics (MAT)
    4. Meet with a Counselor to check course descriptions to determine course prerequisites or co requisites
    5. Register for appropriate classes.

  3. Where can I get assistance with choosing my classes?

    Each student is assigned an academic advisor, who is a resource person able to direct a student
    through the college experience. Each semester, students must have a pre-registration meeting with
    their assigned academic advisor to discuss and plan course selections for their programs. In addition,
    regular sessions should be scheduled.

  4. Who is my faculty advisor?

    Each student is assigned a faculty advisor for your program of study. The faculty advisor will help
    choose appropriate courses and guide the student through program planning. Students can find out
    who their academic advisor is by logging into My College and look under My Profile or by clicking here .

  5. Can I change my program of study?

    Students who want to change their programs need to make an appointment with a counselor or academic
    advisor at any campus before registration begins.

  6. How and when can I add or drop classes?

    Each semester, the first three days are designated as a drop/add period. Students may go to My College
    to complete this process or forms are available from registration on each campus. Attendance without
    enrolling or failure to attend a class does not constitute drop/add; you must complete the procedure.

  7. How do I withdraw from a class already in progress?

    Students may withdraw from a course and be assigned a grade of "W" during a specified period each
    semester. To receive a "W" grade a student must withdraw before the last day posted of the academic term.
    Final dates for withdrawing from a course will be announced on the CPCC website and in CPCC’s Class
    listing schedule. Students may go to My College or complete a withdrawal form available at the registration
    center at each campus.

    Caution! Failure to attend a course does not constitute formal withdrawal. A student who does not complete
    the Drop/Add or Withdrawal procedure will be assigned the grade of "F" for enrolled courses in which
    he/she did not attend.

  8. Where are the Medical and Office Administration offices located?

    We are located on the Central Campus in the Levine IT Building, Suite 4100.

  9. I'm looking for a Professor's (Faculty, Staff) phone numbers and room location...where should I go?

    Please reference the Faculty and Staff e-directory.

  10. Can I test out of classes offered by Medical and Office Administration?

    Yes, student must show convincing evidence of special aptitude or knowledge of the course material. A
    written, oral, and/or performance examination will be developed and administered by an instructor of the
    course. Contact your program advisor for more information. Test out courses are listed below:

    ACC 110 Ten Key Skills
    OST 131 Keyboarding
    OST 136 Word Processing
    OST 164 Text Editing

  11. When and where is Credit by Examination given?

    Credit by exams are administered one week prior to the start of the semester. Please see the exam
    for the exact dates and times.

  12. What topics will be covered on the test?

    Click here for the link to the study guide for OST136 Credit by Exam

  13. What times are available for the computer labs?

    Please see here for hours and location of student computer labs.

  14. What certificates, diplomas or degrees does the Medical and Office Administration area offer?

    Please see the College catalog.

  15. How long will it take to complete my degree?

    It depends whether the student is full time or part-time. Students may choose to work on shorter-term
    certificates or diplomas, and then, apply those credits to degrees.

  16. What degree will I receive upon completion of the program?

    Associate in Applied Science, certificate, diploma based on the completed criteria.

  17. What grading system is used at Central Piedmont Community College?

    Different grading scales are used by different divisions. Be sure to check the syllabus for the course or
    ask your instructor for his/her grading scale.

  18. Are credits from other colleges accepted?

    Yes, CPCC accepts credits from any regionally accredited institution. Note: You must have an official
    Transcript sent to CPCC for evaluation.You will receive email notification once the evaluation is complete; in the meantime you may periodically check your online transcript for transfer credit at  If registration prior to the evaluation is an issue, you may see a Counselor or Academic Advisor at any campus about granting prerequisite permission(s).

20. I am looking for information on a specific course…where should I go?
Please see the College catalog.