Credit by Exam for Medical and Office Administration

Credit by Exam for Medical and Office Administration

ATTENTION!!!! There is a cost associated with Credit by Exam. The fee will range from $100-$200. Please see information below for specific credits and costs. Testing results are available within 24-48 business hours.

Credit by Examination Policy
Credit by Examination Request Form

Credit by Exam is offered the week before classes begin in both Fall and Spring semesters for the classes listed below. Credit by exam is not offered during the Summer.

  • OST131 Keyboarding - 2 credits - $150.00
  • OST136 Word Processing - 3 credits - $200.00
  • OST164 Text Editing Application (by request only) - 3 credits - $200.00
  • ACC110 Ten-Key Skills (by request only) - 1 credit -$100.00


Credit by Exam Schedule

The credit by examination schedule is as follows:

Summer 2019
Tuesday, May 16, 2019
1:30 and 6:00 p.m.

You can schedule to take the credit by examination at either time. Please keep in mind that OST 131 Keyboarding or CIS 110 Introduction to Computers is a prerequisite to OST 136 Word Processing so you must have completed one or the other of these courses or you will not be allowed to sit for the OST 136 Word Processing Credit by Exam.

It is recommended that you secure a copy of the required textbooks for the course for review, as rules, procedures, and software functions have changed over the years.

In order for a student to take the Credit by Exam, he/she must:

  1. Have keyboarding experience
  2. Be a currently enrolled CPCC student
  3. Never taken the exam at CPCC before
  4. Not have attended more than two classes if register for the course before
  5. Students are eligible to take only one test per test date

OST 131 Keyboarding consists of 30 words per minute with 3 or less error. Your technique will also be observed.

Keep in mind OST 131 OR CIS 110 is a prerequisite for OST 136. You must successfully complete one of these courses to meet the prerequisite for OST 136.


Please send an email using your CPCC student email address to with your name, student ID #, Course, time, and date you would like to take the exam.

All follow-up communication will be sent to your CPCC student email address.