Program Requirements

  • Required textbook, workbook and DVD package 
  • Required Immunizations:

                                Tetanus within the previous 10 yrs

                                MMR - series of 2 immunizations

                                Hepatitis B - series of 3 immunizations

                                Varicella - series of 2 immunizations

                                PPD skin test for TB - 30 days before the course begins

The cost will depend on what immunizations you have already received.  Individuals who are unable to locate their immunization records must have titers drawn to verify immunity to these communicable diseases.

  • Medical physical within the previous 6 months
  • Urine Drug screening - 30 days before the course begins
  • Criminal background check - done once the course begins
  • Uniforms, shoes, supplies
  • North Carolina State Nurse Aide Competency Test for certification as a Nurse Aide

The additional fees that students pay are individual costs.  The total cost will depend on where the individual obtains the required immunizations, medical physical, urine drug screen, uniforms, supplies and textbooks. The fee for the criminal background check is paid directly to the college approved vendor during the first week of class.