HEA 7625 (Medical Keyboarding):


The student will develop touch-typing skills for data entry on electronic data information processing equipment. He/she will be able to type words and numbers by touch at a straight copy speed of 35 words per minute for two minutes with no more than two (2) errors. He/she will be able to proofread typewritten copy and will become familiar with a personal computer keyboard.




HEA 7254 (Exploring Medical Language):


This is a web-enhanced medical terminology course that includes the basics of anatomy and physiology, disease process, and pharmacology. Students will be instructed in: 1) how to build medical terms from Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and combining forms, 2) accurate spelling and defining of medical words, 3) correct pronunciation of medical words including pronunciation variations, 4) medical abbreviations, 5) location and function of the body organs/systems, and 6) pathological conditions common to the body systems.





HEA 7270 (Medical Reimbursement Specialist):


The student will learn basic outpatient coding skills, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance terminology, and billing and reimbursement skills. See Program Information.





HEA 7313 (Advanced Coding):


This course is a continuation of basic and intermediate coding. In-depth coverage of ICD-9-CM and CPT coding is provided.



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